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Schools around the world join CIS for guidance, support and access to like-minded peers as they develop challenging international programmes for their students. As a global organisation, CIS helps schools access new international educational practices, gain recognition for accomplishments, attract qualified staff, facilitate student connections with leading universities around the world, and provide a quality international education experience to students and parents.

CIS School Members have access to all CIS services including:


To meet the School Membership requirements, a school must:

  • meet the core CIS School Evaluation Standards contained in the CIS International Accreditation 2016 | Evaluation Framework.
  • follow the CIS Code of Ethics;
  • be operational at the time of application;
  • provide a sequential course of study leading to full primary/elementary and/or secondary education;
  • apply as a whole school (not a section of the school such as the International Section or only the primary or secondary school);
  • clearly demonstrate a commitment to the development of global citizenship in its students;
  • be willing to undertake an external school improvement process.

The School Membership application process involves:

Stage 1 - submission of basic information about the school and three (3) references;
Stage 2 - submission of documentation to demonstrate that the school follows the CIS Code of Ethics and provides international education programmes; and
Membership Evaluation - submission of a Membership Evaluation Report followed by a two-day on-site Membership Visit by CIS professional staff member. 

School Membership application and annual membership fees.

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