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How does your school demonstrate your commitment to high quality international education to parents, students and staff members? How do you ensure your school is continually improving and keeping up with leading international education standards?

CIS is a leader in the field of school evaluation and accreditation worldwide. We provide a unique international accreditation with a focus on high quality student learning and global citizenship. The quality and rigour of CIS International Accreditation is recognised by Ministries and Departments of Education around the world as the demonstration of a school’s commitment to high quality international education. Our Membership community includes over 550 of the top universities in the world. They also recognise and value the mark of CIS International Accreditation, targeting students who graduate from CIS-accredited schools for admission to their institutions.  

CIS International Accreditation is an evaluation process that drives a school’s continuous improvement, through:

  • rigorous evaluation against internationally-agreed standards;
  • a blend of support and challenge, focused on a school’s development; and
  • a peer-based model that brings together international educators from across the world of CIS-accredited schools.

CIS is itself held accountable through a rigorous review process similar to the process undertaken by schools. The CIS accreditation service, has been reviewed by the US National Association of Independent Schools’ (NAIS) Commission on Accreditation and deemed in compliance with the criteria for effective accreditation practices. As a member of the NAIS Commission, CIS International Accreditation is recognised throughout the United States, facilitating the acceptance of students’ transcripts with colleges and universities.

Undertaking an accreditation process involves the entire school community. As the leader in the field of school evaluation and accreditation worldwide, CIS works with other regional accreditation agencies and organisations offering academic programmes, including the opportunity to synchronise the IB programme evaluation process within CIS whole-school evaluation and accreditation.

Heads and teachers from CIS member schools play active roles as peer evaluators and report readers, assessing and evaluating the progress of schools at the team evaluation stage and over the rest of the accreditation cycle. The process is thereby enriched by the sharing of knowledge and effective practices from around the world, to the benefit of not only schools but also the peers involved in their evaluation.

More than 500 CIS member schools have been granted international accreditation status following a directed comprehensive Self-Study and a rigorous evaluation by a CIS evaluation team. As new schools come into CIS membership, they can then begin the accreditation process with the ambition of gaining CIS International Accreditation.

CIS member schools are invited to apply for Accreditation.

Learn more about applying for School Membership.

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