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CIS provides an exclusive, confidential service for Heads of Schools / School Directors seeking a new position. Send us your CV/Resume to receive further information on how to establish a CIS leadership profile.

View the list of current leadership vacancies and let us know which one(s) are of interest – we will represent you!

If you are seeking position as an Assistant Principal / Deputy Head, or Division Principal/Head – please contact us to receive your login credentials for the CIS Community Portal and start building your profile.


Before you begin your application with CIS, please ensure you meet the following criteria and application requirements. Our criteria are based on our member schools’ needs.

Teachers, School Counsellors and Librarians are all encouraged to apply.

If you are not ready to apply yet, stay in touch and we will send you updates.


  • University or College degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree
  • Completion of an educational training programme from an accredited University or College, leading to certification/licensure as an educator at the primary or secondary school level – librarians and counsellors should hold an appropriate educational qualification in their areas of expertise and have experience working in a school.
  • Preferably one to two years of current, full-time teaching or leadership experience at a primary or secondary school. This does not apply to new Education Graduates form partner universities
  • EAL/ESL teachers must have a degree in education
  • Experience teaching in one or more of the following curriculum models is frequently desired by many CIS Member Schools: Australian, British, Canadian, US - American. Experience with the Advanced Placement Program (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes, IGCSE, International Primary Curriculum or other similar widely used academic programmes is a plus.
  • three recent, direct, accountable and active supervisory referees. One of these referees should be your current supervisor.
  • Fluency in the English language.
  • Current and historic criminal background check documentation


  • As part of the application process, you are required to upload the following documentation:
  • Personal Statement: include a brief description of your professional background and philosophy of education which has shaped your style of teaching. Do provide examples of your professional achievements and highlights.
  • Teacher Certificates and Degree(s)
  • Copy of awarded National Teacher Certification (US State Teacher, UK PGCE, Canadian Provincial, etc.).
  • Copies of all awarded relevant degrees.
  • Notarised English translation required of all non-English degrees and certificates
  • CV/Resume: please keep this concise – CV tips are available to applicants
  • Photo: We recommended attaching a professional, passport-style photo to your portfolio as it helps recruiters easily identify an individual application among the many applicants they review.

Criminal Background Checks

Provide a current Criminal Background Check from the country in which you are currently working and, if you have worked internationally, Criminal Background Checks covering each country in which you have worked.

CIS is the first international educational recruiting agency to include Criminal Background Checks as a requirement in our application process for educators. We are one of the founding organisations of the International Task Force on Child Protection (ITFCP), a coalition of 90+ volunteers, including leaders of international education organisations, school leaders, counsellors and teachers, working collaboratively across professions with law enforcement officials and the medical community, to help international school communities address child protection challenges. Our thorough candidate screening process for educators acts as a deterrent for those who abuse children, ultimately making it significantly more difficult for them to work within the international community. CIS has put these processes in place in order to reduce the likelihood of child abusers gaining employment within our membership community and in schools around the world.

We will support you with completing this requirement! Once you create your account and start the process of applying with CIS, you will have access to the resources section, containing detailed information to help you obtain the documentation. CIS is aware that not all countries provide criminal background documentation, or, are unable to provide them retrospectively—we will advise you accordingly.

For your reference, CIS has compiled a Criminal Background Check Procedures Resource detailing the different application procedures by country.


  • Candidates are required to designate three educational, supervisory referees, one of which must be their current supervisor, or, in the case that they have no current supervisor, their most recent supervisor. Reference requests will be automatically sent from CIS to these referees as part of the application process.
  • Candidates are responsible for notifying their referees that CIS will be requesting the reference
  • Submitted references are deemed confidential; should you wish to view information contained in a reference, please consult directly with person issuing them. CIS will not provide copies of references unless specifically requested to do so by the individual providing the reference.

The Application Process

Our application process comprises 3 Stages

Stage 1: completing the online application form
Stage 2: uploading the required documentation

Requesting and receiving confidential references

Stage 3: Receiving a video interview

Completed applications then undergo a review and approval process, including reference checks.

The fee for registration and membership, lasting three years is €180, which is payable before your portfolio can be activated. CIS will send you a link to complete online payment once your application has been completed.

Create your account on the CIS Community Portal and Apply Now!


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