International Certification

In 2015 CIS launched a new service for CIS Members: CIS International Certification. International Certification was developed in response to demand from the international school community for a programme to help schools better understand and develop global citizens. Extensive consultation with experts in international education and a two-year pilot program with nine diverse schools has helped CIS to develop a process which guides and supports school development, and allows schools to validate, further develop and gain recognition for their international programmes.

CIS International Certification is a process that leads to institutional change and school improvement, sharing and further developing the outcomes of a school’s work through a purposeful, collaborative network of diverse schools. Within the school, the process is characterised by project work that engages the whole school community in meaningful dialogue about the meaning of internationalism. At the same time, International Certification is designed to foster mutual support, communication, and collaboration between CIS Member Schools undertaking the process at the same time, so that schools can benefit from the strengths of the CIS community, share leading practices, and learn from each other’s unique communities and contexts.

CIS International Certification provides:

  • Validation and recognition for high quality international education
  • A means to enhance and confirm a school community’s commitment to international/intercultural learning and the development of global citizens
  • Professional development opportunities to help schools develop their leadership team and staff while opening new conversations and reflections about global citizenship, international and intercultural development
  • Project-based collaboration focused on the attributes, values and a range of skills needed to engage in the world

Learn about Turning Point School’s (USA) journey to complete CIS International Certification. (Read online or download pdf)

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