Framework & Protocol

CIS International Accreditation is in line with leading educational thinking and research on school development and improvement; links the evaluation process to future action planning with long-term impact for the school; and incorporates feedback from continuous consultation with CIS member schools and individual volunteers. Over 200 schools from 50 of our 112 represented countries participated in the original design.

CIS International Accreditation is fully and entirely developed by CIS, reflecting our mission, values, uniquely international and diverse membership and our Code of Ethics. Furthermore, it is characterised by:

  • a 5 year cycle that is reflective of schools’ planning cycles;
  • an emphasis on the development of intercultural learning and global citizenship;
  • a strong focus on teaching and student learning, as well as but distinct from the planned and taught curriculum;
  • the inclusion of recommendations made by the International Task Force on Child Protection, embracing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN Declaration of Human Rights;
  • smaller, focused teams of volunteers receive on-line support and training;
  • introduction of a web-based tool, the CIS Planning and Reporting Platform, facilitating whole-school involvement and collaboration;
  • the CIS Community Survey, managed by CIS research experts, and allowing school autonomy in the inclusion of specific questions for your use as an annual climate survey of your community;
  • innovative and ground breaking with a strong focus on futures learning;
  • a strong focus on student well-being and safe-guarding;
  • the promotion of sustainable school improvement, innovation and the research-centred school;
  • a strong foundation based on established and contemporary research; and the inclusion of contemporary and developing pedagogies;
  • the launch of the CIS Learning Community where accreditation peer evaluators will engage online in activities to sharpen evaluative skills, including interviewing and writing.

There are four drivers for our protocol:

  • PURPOSE & DIRECTION – the implementation of the mission, vision and values, including the development of global citizenship, as defined by the school.
  • STUDENT LEARNING – the nature and quality of learning and the resulting progress made by the students.
  • STUDENT WELL-BEING – their protection, safety, security and overall wellness.
  • THE DEVELOPMENT OF GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP – as defined by the CIS mission and definition of global citizenship.

Schools interested in membership and CIS Accreditation can contact CIS.

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CIS is a membership community working collaboratively to shape international education through professional services to schools,
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