Collaboration with Partner Organisations

As a leader in international education, CIS’ partnerships within the global community mean that you will be a part of a wider professional network. 

CIS Collaboration with the International Baccalaureate (IB)

Did you know, over half of CIS member schools are IB World Schools?

Promote your skills, experience and availability to IB schools by establishing your portfolio. As a CIS-approved educator, you can access vacancies posted by CIS member schools, and your portfolio is available to them for consideration via our 24/7 Candidate Recruitment Hub. 

Find out which schools are CIS members by searching our Membership Directory.

CIS Collaboration with Queen’s University

Partnership with Queen’s University: new opportunities for schools recruiting teachers

Partnership with Queen’s University: new opportunities for schools recruiting teachers

Many of our member schools tell us that recently graduated educators bring a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to their schools, which often contributes to a much-needed dimension of diversity in the faculty. Despite this value of openness and array of skills, new educator candidates will no doubt face challenges at the start of their career due to their small network and unfamiliarity with logistics of working abroad. We are thrilled to have a partnership with Queen’s University in Ontario to help prepare recent graduates to find their first positions abroad.


CIS Collaboration with The University of British Columbia

We are pleased to have a unique and exciting partnership with The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

UBC enrols one of the largest number of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme graduates world-wide. In addition, it has a vibrant Bachelor of Education professional degree programme that provides teacher candidates in the IB stream the Certificate of Teaching and Learning in either the Primary Years, Middle Years or Diploma Programme options.

Rated among the top 40 universities globally, UBC is partners with CIS to afford graduates in the IB option direct contact with member schools.  Director of IB Educator Programmes at UBC, Mr. Gary Little, said, “We not only view the partnership with CIS as a terrific opportunity for our IB-certified teacher candidates to work abroad but also as a terrific opportunity for CIS schools to hire some of the best-trained, most passionate teachers entering the profession.”

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