About CIS

The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a global membership community shaping the future of international education.

Our community includes more than 1,525 schools and universities, representing 120 countries.

CIS leads a collaborative global membership community of schools and higher education institutions, exploring and developing effective practices to foster healthy, interculturally competent global citizens. We connect ideas and cultures across the world, developing socially responsible leadership through international education.
CIS International Accreditation is a mark of quality assurance and distinction for primary and secondary schools. As an international accrediting body, we enable schools to benchmark the quality and improvement of their educational programmes with leading international practice. Our CIS International Accreditation protocol is based on our CIS Mission, Values, and Code of Ethics, embraces the UN Declaration of Human Rights as a clear statement of moral purpose, and incorporates recommendations from the International Taskforce on Child Protection.
Universities worldwide seek out students educated at CIS-Internationally Accredited schools due to the high quality of their international education, the rigour of their academic programmes, their intercultural experiences and insights, and their preparation to live and work in a globally connected world.