Board of Trustees

Photo of the CIS Board of Trustees 2022

The CIS Board of Trustees is a collaborative, globally-minded, systems-thinking group of educational leaders who guide and develop the strategic path of the organisation.

Criteria for service on the CIS Board

Official representatives of school and higher education members are eligible to serve on the Board of Trustees. In the case of school members, the official representative is the chief education officer of the school. In the case of higher education members, the official representative is a senior member of the institution’s leadership team.

Qualifications for election or appointment

Trustees are decision makers and senior members of the leadership team at their institutions and in their professional communities, possessing the knowledge and skills to guide and impact the strategic development of international education to shape the future of international education.

Trustees possess experience with and knowledge of CIS services for the international education community.

Trustees expand the Board’s perspective and diversity as represented by CIS membership including location (country), type of institution (public/private), ethnicity and gender.