We work to ensure our member communities provide comprehensive, effective education and support for children and young adults, focused on their physical, social and emotional well-being. Together with a team of global experts, we provide child protection and student well-being training, resources, and support to our school and university leaders. We empower them to learn how to educate their communities and develop capacity to prevent and manage all aspects of abuse.

Talking about mental health, abuse or violence is not easy. Although it may be uncomfortable, it is critical to start the discussion in international school and university communities. At CIS, we purposefully foster open discussion with our members and have invested to increase the knowledge of our staff to consider the role we all have in keeping students safe and strengthening their well-being.

In addition to integrating new practices into our member services, we have created a series of workshops to raise awareness and improve practices within schools and universities.

Taking Action

We are committed to creating the necessary changes in the international education community. We have integrated new practices into all our service areas and will continue to invest in educating our community of members, partners, and educators around the world.