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Mental Health and Well-being Workshop

Date: 7–9 October 2020
Time: 11:00–15:00 Central European Time (CET) / 16:00­–20:00 Indochina Time (ICT)
Location: Virtual

Learn from experts in mental health and well-being fields as you explore how to understand and monitor your own well-being and to protect the international communities that you lead and serve. You’ll collaborate with leaders and educators from schools and universities worldwide on this shared goal.

We’ve evolved and expanded our well-being workshop content to cover support for yourself and your faculty as well as the students in your care.

You can expect:


  • Managing stressors associated with transitions and moves across cultures
  • Monitoring and protecting your own well-being
  • The importance of developing mindfulness in a global pandemic



  • The link between well-being and learning
  • Preventing educator burnout and creating microcultures in your institution that provide psychological safety to your faculty and colleagues
  • The impact of friendship, intimacy and social cruelty on students’ lives and development  
You can also expect to:
  • Learn how to strengthen the support that you provide to students and faculty as they undergo transitions, whether between schools, into higher education or other life transitions
  • Gain insights into how your school, university or college can protect and support students and faculty from diverse cultures
  • Learn how to adopt a trauma-informed approach throughout your institution and support students and faculty experiencing traumatic grief
  • Be equipped with knowledge and important information to take back and share with your faculty and colleagues to support well-being and embed a safer culture throughout your institution
Choose from two strands:
  • Strand 1: Transitions and cross-cultural considerations 
  • Strand 2: Policy development and trauma-informed approaches 
Who is this workshop for?
  • Universities: Faculty and staff working in admissions, student services, study abroad and/or well-being roles.
  • Schools: Board members and governors, heads, principals, safeguarding and child protection staff, counsellors, curriculum coordinators and human resources professionals.

Registration deadline: 1 October 2020
Fee: €500 (excluding VAT)

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If your institution is not a CIS member and you are interested in this event, please email Jane Joyce.

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