Dates: 22–23 February 2020
Location: Colegio Los Nogales, Bogotá, Colombia

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Training that is tailored to the needs of international school communities

This two-day CIS Child Protection Foundation Workshop provides you with an overview of key topics relating to child protection and safeguarding within international school communities. It enables your school leaders and counsellors to both build new and strengthen existing child protection and safeguarding systems in your schools. You will explore the information and tools necessary to comply with international safeguarding standards and accreditation frameworks and will start thinking about how you can take action so that your school can better prevent, identify early and manage appropriately all forms of harm and abuse to which your students may be exposed.

Workshop will be in English with simultaneous translation to Spanish provided


  • Ensure school communities possess knowledge and a shared understanding of the signs and risks of child abuse.
  • Identify problematic sexual behaviour, including peer-on-peer abuse and virtual abuse, and explore how to support and educate students to develop self-protective skills.
  • Understand how to create and implement effective systems, policies and practices to identify, prevent and respond to harm and abuse within your school community.
  • Address challenges facing international school communities as they strive to interpret various cultural attitudes, laws and actions in addressing forms of abuse.
  • Develop knowledge of age-appropriate, healthy relationship education for children and young people based upon new UNESCO and WHO guidelines.
  • Develop understanding and common interpretation of the international safeguarding standards and the CIS accreditation standards.


  • Defining and understanding the causes and practices of sexual abusers
  • The impact of child trauma on learning: Describing the long-term impact of abuse on educational outcomes and adult life
  • Addressing peer-on-peer abuse within international school settings
  • Key opportunities facing international school communities: How to use resources to create safe organisational cultures, involve students and address different forms of harm and abuse, including online
  • Empowering student voice and developing self-protective skills
Strand 1: Managing child abuse in an international school—recruitment, policies and response: Alignment with accreditation standards
  • Developing school-wide child protection policies and practices
  • Safer and effective international recruitment and selection practices
  • Leadership in action: Communicating in a crisis
Strand 2: Preventing and identifying child abuse—curriculum, culture and receiving disclosures: Alignment with accreditation standards
  • Identifying abuse and handling initial disclosures
  • Comprehensive sexuality and relationships education: Curriculum, supporting students as they navigate physical and virtual abuse
  • Preventing and responding to abuse in culturally diverse communities 

How to Register

Registration is open to all faculty and staff, including Board Members/Governors at CIS member schools.

Registration Deadline: 15 February 2020
Fee: €500 (excluding VAT)

- Registration has closed -

Please contact Jane Joyce if you wish to discuss late enrolment.