Child Protection Deep Dive Workshop: Managing Allegations

Date: 26–27 May 2023
Time: 08:30–16:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST) 
Location: Frankfurt International School, Oberursel, Germany

In-depth training to focus on managing allegations of abuse in an international school context

Join this workshop to participate in an unfolding case study facilitated by experts in managing allegations of child abuse and concerns about adults in the international school context.  

Our exceptional speakers will guide you with their deep knowledge, expertise, and direct experience.

You can expect to:
  • learn how sex offenders operate and develop skills and strategies for deterring and preventing abus

  • practise strategies and processes for appropriately responding to allegations of child abuse by educators and other adults, including carrying out an inquiry

  • learn how to identify and respond to low level concerns

  • take account of considerations for communicating in a crisis

  • foster connections with fellow CIS members with similar roles and responsibilities to facilitate collaboration and create support networks

You’ll leave feeling:
  • aware of the possibility you will need to lead an inquiry
  • well-equipped for how to do so 
  • confident to take back action steps to help your school prepare for such an event 

You’ll develop skills that will empower you to participate fully as a member of your school’s safeguarding and response teams, to support the development of a safeguarding culture in your school and to lead your community in this area.

Why should your school invest in this training?

Managing an allegation is very high stakes for a school and allegations can be made anytime, so your school needs to be prepared. Plus! Schools completing CIS International Accreditation will find the workshop content aligns with the CIS International Accreditation framework, particularly in Domain E.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for individuals who have already attended a CIS Child Protection Foundation Workshop or completed other foundational training.

Heads of schools, principals, social-emotional counsellors, teachers, university guidance counsellors, safeguarding leads and child protection officers, CIS accreditation team evaluators, school board members, school recruiters.

We’ll continue offering online Child Protection Workshops too so you can choose the best option for you.

Registration deadline: 1 May 2023
Fee: €570 (excluding VAT)

Registration has closed

If your institution is not a CIS member and you are interested in this event, please email Jane Joyce.