Dates: 18 - 19 January 2019
Location: American School in Japan, Tokyo, Japan

…in-depth training for those who have completed a CIS foundation workshop

  • 18 January | 08.30 - 18.30 (including evening reception)
  • 19 January | 08.30 - 16.30

Continue your learning by attending a CIS deep dive workshop. Participants can choose from three types of workshops which run concurrently over two days. You will leave the sessions with the tools needed to move beyond compliance and to develop innovative and effective practices in the areas covered. All training is tailored to the specific needs of international school communities.

Deep Dive #1: Introducing a new protocol for managing allegations of abuse against adults

Only open to individuals who have already attended a foundation workshop

This training takes participants through an in-depth case study over the course of two days – using a series of scenario-based exercises and role play, this training takes individuals through each stage of an allegation and equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent, identify early and respond appropriately to an allegation of abuse. Topics covered include:  

  • Preparation: identifying and building relationships with local agencies, strengthening and implementing policies and establishing a multi-disciplinary managing allegations team, 
  • Response: urgent actions; supporting and responding appropriately to victims and alleged perpetrators; legal implications and conflicting duties - how to prioritize different objectives and be aware of (but not hidebound by) legal risks; external reporting obligations, risk assessments and safety plans, communicating in a crisis,
  • Follow-up: steps to take to review your systems and learn lessons
Learning objectives:
  • To guide the establishment of child protection systems within schools
  • To help you to prepare for an allegation of abuse in your community
  • To teach you how to effectively manage allegations of abuse and strengthen decision-making
  • To equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply best practice when responding to and following up on an allegation of abuse

Deep Dive #2: Addressing Peer-on-peer Abuse and Educating and Supporting Students in Schools and across Cultures

Only open to individuals who have already attended a foundation workshop

Participants will be divided into strands for some of the sessions to ensure that each session is tailored to the participant’s role

  • Peer-on-peer abuse, including virtual abuse, how to address it in international school communities
  • Case study exercise: contextual safeguarding, understanding your context and thinking about students’ life beyond the school walls
  • Resources, interventions and policy writing workshops to enable a whole-school approach to peer-on-peer abuse and online safety 
  • Manging an allegation of peer-on-peer abuse 
  • Understanding the roles of gender and culture in addressing peer-on-peer abuse
  • Healthy Relationships Education: New curriculum from UNESCO and WHO
  • Developing Self-Protective Skills in Students
  • Discuss challenges supporting students, parents and staff from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Applying training in practice: Role play exercise
  • Group discussion and reflection
Learning objectives:
  • To acquire the knowledge and information necessary to address peer-on-peer abuse effectively in your school
  • To acquire the knowledge and skills to teach age-appropriate, healthy relationship education to children and young people in international school communities
  • Explore information, values and attitudes towards relationships and sexual activity (both physical and virtual)
  • To increase participants’ understanding, skills and confidence to detect and address disclosures of abuse, neglect or exploitation in a culturally competent manner

Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS*), including case consultation

Only open to Counsellors and Psychologists

*Certification program for counsellors and psychologists

Learning objectives:
  • To become certified to provide Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS)
  • To gain insights, strategies and methods through consultation to address current cases

How to Register

Registration is open to all faculty and staff, including Board Members/Governors at CIS member schools and universities, CIS affiliated consultants and supporting members.

Registration Deadline: 7 January 2019

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