Child Protection Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a foundation workshop and a deep dive workshop?

A foundation workshop provides a broad understanding of a range of topics relating to child protection in schools. This covers areas such as safer recruitment, how sex offenders operate, peer-on-peer abuse, communicating in a crisis, developing school-wide child protection policies and identifying and receiving disclosures of abuse. On the second day of the workshops a small number of sessions are divided into two strands and attendees choose which strand they would like to attend.

A deep dive workshop focuses on one or two specific topics and enables individuals to explore that topic in detail. There are currently three types of deep dive workshops:

  • preventing, identifying early and managing appropriately allegations of child abuse by educators and other adults
  • tackling peer-on-peer abuse and educating and supporting students
  • specialist training for counsellors and psychologists on cognitive behavioural therapy in schools

Q: Can I attend a deep dive workshop if I have not yet attended a foundation workshop?

With the exception of the CBITS deep dive training (deep dive #2) which can be attended by individuals who have not yet attended a foundation workshop, it is not possible to attend a deep dive workshop without having attended a foundation workshop. This is because the foundation workshop provides the information you need to understand and process the information provided in the deep dive workshops.

Q: Can anyone attend the workshops or do you have to carry out a particular role in a school?

Any member of staff can attend a foundation workshop including board members, heads of school, teaching and administrative staff, and counsellors. 

Q: If I have attended extensive child protection training in the past, can I attend a Deep Dive workshop without attending a Foundation workshop?

Counsellors and psychologists can attend the Deep Dive #2, the CBITS training, without having attended a Foundation workshop. This Deep Dive is only open to counsellors and psychologists.

However, it is not possible for you to attend Deep Dives #1 or #3 without having previously attended the Foundation workshop, even if you have had a lot of child protection training in the past.  This is because the Deep Dive workshops #1 and #3 are specifically designed to follow on from the Foundation workshop, and the Foundation workshop is unlike any other child protection training – it covers a range of topics and is tailored to international school settings.

Q: What time will the workshop start and end on each day?

Most workshops will run from 8.30 and finish no later than 17.00 each day. A drinks reception takes place on the evening of the first day and typically runs from 17.00 to 18.30. A detailed schedule will be sent to all registered attendees before the event.

Q: Is the Networking Reception included in the registration fee?

Yes, we look forward to all attendees joining us at the networking reception. The reception provides extra time to network with your colleagues.

Q: Will the presentations be available after the workshop?

Yes, we will post some of the presentations online for you to download. However, due to the sensitive content shown during some sessions, not all presentations will be available for download.

Q: Will I receive a certificate of attendance?

Yes, we will provide a certificate of attendance after the workshop.