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Child Protection Workshops


More than 1300 educators representing more than 80 countries have attended our Child Protection workshops.  Read about their experiences.

Feedback we heard from several workshops include:

“The immediacy of the need for awareness & tools in this area made this workshop incredibly important.”

“It felt like you had brought the top minds from around the world together in one place. All of the presenters were outstanding, I gained a lot from every session.”

“Real deepening of understanding of the way in which safeguarding needs to be practiced and signposted across all that we do in schools. The way this needs to be implemented was very clearly explained. Processes for communication in a crisis were also made explicit (as was their significance)”

“Knowledgeable and engaging speakers. High level of learning. Will have a high impact on practice in school.”

“I like the way we, as a team, had to discuss and analyse a case step by step, allowing us to see the timeline and realize how we have to be prepared to deal with different events as more allegations were made. Very helpful points and suggestions such as building a relationship with the local authorities before anything happens and so that it's easier to deal with them should abuse occur.”