What constitutes effective leadership and ‘leadership by presence’ when uncertainty and crisis management continues to be the order of the day? The unpredictable nature of the pandemic and the lack of previous knowledge have truly tested the mettle of international school leaders. Sudha Govindswamy asked some leaders from CIS member schools to share their approaches and strategies.

The Membership Engagement Manager is a new role for an innovative leader who will focus on the engagement of member institutions and the development of a new team responsible for attracting new members and retaining current members. The Manager is a results-oriented problem-solver who enjoys connecting with members, designing processes and workflows to collect data and enable communications with and between members.

From guiding statements to student learning, what’s your school’s ‘golden thread’? Is it linear or complex and messy? How does it guide your school? Simon Camby presents key questions for you to reflect on as you think about your school.

Peer evaluation is at the core of the CIS International Accreditation experience—educators lead, strengthen and shape international education together. Our new Director of School Evaluation & Development Services, Simon Camby, explored how peer evaluation training works from the inside.

Take a look at three of the salary gaps we identified in the 2020 CIS Heads of School Salary & Benefits Report. Each year, we ‘take the pulse’ of our community in relation to the salaries and benefits of heads of international schools worldwide. 

What does it look like to purposefully and intentionally 'tackle' racism in schools and universities? How will we hold ourselves accountable to each other and the young people we are educating? Conrad Hughes describes ways educational institutions can ‘decolonise the curriculum’.

We invite proposals that stimulate international dialogue on innovative practice in university admission and guidance by demonstrating how international schools, universities, and individuals in the higher education admission and guidance community are contributing to change across the world. Share your experience and expertise with the CIS community

Does your board undergo regular health checks or evaluation? We explore the benefits, why your board might need it, and how do you go about conducting one in this post from CIS Affiliated Consultant Michael Iannini and his colleague Paul Smith.

We’re hearing about the significant efforts of many schools across the CIS community as they attempt to strengthen their practices around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Here's a great example from the International School of Dakar (ISD) to help schools visualize some possibilities that can be adapted to their own context.

Depending on the identities we hold, the inherent powers and privileges we have, or the ingrained oppressions we endure—the conversations and work on diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice require an unquantifiable amount of courage. Read more from Joel Llaban.