In a COVID world and beyond, the international school sector faces unprecedented pressure for strategic approaches in a number of ways to build and sustain market success. One of them will be the process to review, set and monitor appropriate fees. Dr Stephen Holmes outlines steps toward a sustainable solution.

Reputation management is crucial for international schools, whether they're thriving, beginning or developing. Right now, benchmarking and managing a school’s reputation has become even more critical for some as they face a myriad of risks, some associated with COVID-19 and others that were already building. Stephen Holmes outlines risks, responses, benchmarking processes and recent examples.

In the middle of the pandemic, a dedicated group of 102 educators from 71 schools in 39 countries across every continent found the energy, time and commitment to complete an online training course in April to develop the skills and attributes of a CIS accreditation team evaluator. School improvement and learning from each other, right now, is more critical than ever.

Hear from Jane Larsson, CIS Executive Director about the new realities for international education and how we will continue to serve your membership. Learn more about information and resources to answer our membership community’s most frequently asked questions.

It's been a strange start for Nico Evers in his new role as CIS Director of Higher Education Services. He has established himself by bonding with his new team via video and quickly identifying where to focus his efforts and contribute to our community of schools and universities. Hear more from Nico.