Depending on the identities we hold, the inherent powers and privileges we have, or the ingrained oppressions we endure, the conversations and work on diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice will require of us an unquantifiable amount of courage. Learn more from Joel Llaban.

Resilience has been difficult for many of us this past year. Our competence to both withstand and recover from difficult conditions continues to be tested. We invited Ellen Mahoney and Kristin Daniel of the Circulus Institute to share their ideas and guidance for 2021. 

The Upstanders explores cyber-bullying, bullying among friends, families, co-workers, and the brain science behind it all. It’s a film-based education program about resilience, attention, and the power of connection to end bullying.

Six months ago, educators from different parts of the world signed and made their voices heard through a petition. They strongly recommended all accreditation agencies and organizations that accredit and evaluate international school quality worldwide to ensure the explicit inclusion of anti-racism and anti-discrimination principles against all forms discrimination in their accreditation standards.

To do the groundwork for tackling racism, it's important to meet each person where they are in their own journey of understanding. As one of the facilitators of our Tackling Racism Workshops, Chris Green explains how these learning opportunities help us first understand self, then understand others, and finally understand our systems and structures.

CIS International Accreditation standards are continually reviewed to ensure their relevance to our school community’s needs. In recent years, we worked to embed new protocol requirements on inclusion, diversity, and equity and have now strengthened them further around anti-racism. Learn more from Chris Durbin, Direction of International Accreditation at CIS.

Tackling racism is hard. We have to give it all we have.

Jane Larsson reflects on what we learned in 2020. She also outlines steps that school communities can take and the self-assessment questions that we’re using at CIS.

Learning and adapting can bring both discomfort and opportunities. We take a look at the opportunities we discovered as 2020 adjusted our path. From delivering sensitive content virtually in our child protection workshops to addressing our biases in anti-racism workshops, and helping students on their pathways to university.

There’s a lot to reflect upon from the past extraordinary year. Carole Denny takes a moment to acknowledge the accomplishments of our community, some lessons we've learned from virtual school visits, and inspiring moments that have motivated us through it all.

In a year of deep learning, Jane Larsson tells us that nowhere has her own been more significant than in our work at CIS to examine systemic racism. She learned about trust, or to be clear, "I learned I am not trusted and why." In Jane's latest blog, she focuses on how we first need to earn trust before we can instill it.