If you work in education, the end of each term brings many things—joyful celebrations, relief, achievement, disappointment, arrivals, departures, and most of all a whole lot of change. It’s at these moments that we pause, think deeply and make decisions about the future. Some decisions are long in the making, but others suddenly become apparent. Why? Because these end of term moments bring with them the time to stop doing, breathe, and really think about what we do.

Do you recognize your leadership potential? Are you doing a good job of showcasing your skills and experience in your applications for positions? Are you able to articulate your value in a meaningful way in interviews?

Learn, evolve, and collaborate with more than 800 professionals from universities and international schools worldwide at our annual global gathering—the CIS Global Forum on International Admission & Guidance.

The impact we’ve made as a volunteer taskforce has been significant, especially considering it was only five years ago that we set out to make a difference. Those of us who founded The International Taskforce on Child Protection (ITFCP) determined it was time to chart our course for the future, and so we did, and five areas of impact emerged from our discussion ...

CIS members who volunteer to serve on our Regional Service Committees play an essential role in international student outreach. They plan and lead twelve student recruitment tours annually, each one targeting different regions of the world to expand access for students to higher education opportunities at fully-accredited universities and colleges. Here's the update from the May 2019 meeting where the group explored three key areas ...

Amanda has devoted her career to international education and is well known for her deep knowledge of contemporary education, her ability to create high morale and effective work practices among her teacher teams and is wholly committed to children and their learning.