In a recent CIS project, we asked students from schools and universities about their experiences. Their insights will help practitioners in schools and universities understand the needs of international secondary students transitioning to higher education. The insights will help them consider how to best meet student needs through their transitions programming, drawing on data provided by 94 international students.

We're seeing increasing reports of eco-emotions such as eco-anxiety. Helping children to make sense of what is happening in the world is vital. Climate psychologists (and upcoming keynotes) outline six tips for how to talk with young people about it.

With great pleasure, we celebrate the outstanding work across our community of universities and schools each year via the CIS Higher Education Awards. This year’s recipient was just announced at the CIS Global Forum on International Admission & Guidance in Madrid!

Cheryl-Ann Weekes has worked as a counsellor with the teen population since 1997. In this short Q&A, she highlights what we will learn from her expertise in social emotional counselling during her upcoming Mental Health & Well-being Workshop session.

Explore seven key texts plus supporting evidence and resources from Alysa M Perreras and Dr Emily Meadows who look at safeguarding through an equity lens. They guide schools to build more robust protections against harm in schools and strengthen existing child safeguarding measures.

Climate psychologist Dr Patrick Kennedy-Williams believes in the unstoppable power of the human spirit. He strongly believes in an international parity of voices in the climate emergency and in 'passing the mic' to those in more affected areas worldwide, from whom we have much to learn.

Congratulations on achieving CIS International Accreditation