What does it mean to purposefully and intentionally 'tackle' racism? And how will we hold ourselves accountable to each other and for the young people we serve in international education? We asked speakers from our upcoming Tackling Racism Workshop Series to identify some of the common missteps that educational leaders and educators make in their goal to address and tackle racism.

Some safeguarding and well-being risks have increased for many children as a consequence of moving to remote learning. At the same time, the sudden shift to home-based learning and concerns about students’ academic progress has meant that key elements of some schools’ safeguarding and well-being education were paused or weakened. We look at different approaches to terminology, explore challenges, and offer eight steps/solutions that schools can take as we draw on examples from CIS Accredited schools and on the work of experts in this field.

As schools and universities have had to move their teaching online in response to the Coronavirus, their reliance on IT systems has increased and a series of data protection and cybersecurity risks have emerged. Following a recent increase in cyberattacks on educational insitutions, here's an outline of steps you can take to mitigate threats.

Today, we remember CIS Honorary Member Allan Wilcox who passed away on 30 August after a long illness. Allan was a tireless advocate for international education whose work strengthened the mission and vision of CIS in Australian schools and international schools throughout the world.

Anyone anywhere can open a school and call it international. Some schools are financed by companies, others by individuals, and some by groups of parents, but there is no apparent guarantee of quality in any of these schools. Or is there?