CIS has talked a lot over the past few years about the well-being and support for students transitioning between schools and from secondary school to higher education. Now, let’s talk about the transitions of educators between teams, departments, schools and beyond. I’ve outlined some ways school leaders can support them.

The breaks we take during the summer, winter and mid-semester are vital for reinvigorating our own and our colleagues’ spirit and passion for teaching when school resumes. Middle level leaders can help teams leave for the holidays with some peace of mind.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives are finally getting the attention they deserve. Knowing where to start can be quite daunting. Reid Pierce from Mahindra United World College of India (MUWCI) outlined tips, tools and approaches for you to try out. 

Nicholas Alchin reflects on the role of adult-organized events for students to respond to conflict and whether there's a risk that 'students attend these because everyone is attending [...] without due attention to understanding events or learning about complexity.' He outlines what a school's response could look like.

The thought of running off-site visits for students during the pandemic is challenging at best. But the great benefits of running educational visits for students’ well-being and learning development make it even more important for schools to have a programme of outdoor learning in place during this period.