Change to how we work with U.S. accreditation agencies

We recently announced changes to how we work with U.S. accreditation agencies.  

Upon specific request by a school, we collaborate with US accreditation agencies that have formally agreed to use the CIS International Accreditation Protocol to plan and carry out joint evaluations, including school visits, leading to dual accreditation by both organizations. 

Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) continue to accredit schools using the CIS International Accreditation protocol. We work with these agencies to facilitate the accreditation processes, including scheduling joint visits and sharing information with the teams for both organizations. 

Going forward, CIS and NEASC have agreed to provide schools with the option of using the CIS International Accreditation protocol to undergo a “joint evaluation”. This means that schools and evaluators from both CIS and NEASC will complete the CIS accreditation report, including all domains. We will work together on behalf of the school to plan, schedule and conduct joint evaluation visits, sharing information with evaluators from each organization. Upon completion of the joint evaluation visit, accreditation or re-accreditation will be considered independently by CIS and NEASC. 

CIS International Accreditation is designed to evaluate all aspects of school life, to help all constituents understand the experiences and achievements of students, measuring educational improvement and innovation using internationally benchmarked standards. Our accreditation is recognized globally by colleges and universities as a mark of high quality and academic rigour as they consider students who graduate from CIS-Accredited schools for admission to their institutions, including in the United States. It is further validated and recognized by Ministries and Departments of Education in countries around the world as a mark of quality assurance.

Our research from across 116 countries identified four drivers as the foundation for high-quality international education and our international accreditation framework. The four drivers of our comprehensive accreditation process tells how effectively a school:

  1. fulfils its stated purpose and direction;
  2. ensures effective student learning;
  3. fosters student well-being; and
  4. develops global citizenship.

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