CIS and Concourse partner to expand access for students seeking global higher education opportunities


We are excited to announce a new partnership with Concourse. Through their online platform, universities receive detailed profiles of well-matched students and make admission offers based on their academic performance, interests, and financial needs—flipping the script on traditional admissions.

Their reinvention of how this has historically worked creates a student-centric and equitable admissions process. This helps universities connect with a more diverse range of students and makes higher education more accessible for students everywhere.

Through our partnership, CIS university and school members will have access to the Concourse platform with no up-front fees and preferential rates for universities when matches occur. This partnership provides a means for CIS universities to reach students who may not have considered them previously and expands students’ access to higher education globally.

We'll share more information with members in the coming weeks. Learn more about Concourse at

About Concourse

Concourse is an online platform where universities apply for students, flipping the script on traditional admissions. The company’s mission is to create more access to higher education by making admissions simpler, student-centric, and more equitable. Concourse’s radical reinvention of the process creates more opportunities for students, reduces counselor workload, and gives universities powerful software tools to diversify and target enrollments. Learn more at