CIS and Linden Global Learning team up to help schools and students access diverse support

Student well-being is an ongoing area of focus and even more so as we continue to learn and assess new challenges due to the ever-evolving pandemic. We are excited to announce that Linden Global Learning & Support are our latest supporting members, helping CIS member schools and universities address a range of challenges that students experience related to their well-being and learning. These challenges can include:

  • transitioning to and adapting to new learning environments 
  • striving to ‘fit in’ and feeling the struggles this can bring, especially in a new country or culture 
  • ‘missing’ students, those who are not engaging personally or virtually 

Linden brings a diverse team of professionals to broaden the counselling, therapeutic and psychological advice and guidance that our members provide when students need targeted support, helping them develop programmes to strengthen a whole community approach to well-being.

We are honored to be partnering with CIS and thrilled to serve the CIS community. We are committed to expanding access to individualized education and mental health support services with our team of multidisciplinary therapists and professionals. Our growing team of diverse specialists speak 16 languages and represent 17 countries around the world, including China, Columbia, Canada, Pakistan, Iran, Israel, Malta, Nigeria, Poland, USA, and Zambia!

As former Head of Student Support and counsellors at an international school, we watched students struggle without comprehensive support systems. We noticed that many students had a strong community to assist their academic, mental, and emotional needs in their home countries but did not have those support systems at their schools away from home. Everyone knows it takes a village to raise a child, but what do parents do when their village is an ocean away? Linden Global Learning aims to be a village of support for all struggling learners living abroad, accessible from anywhere.

—Dr Christina LImbird & Chineme Ugbor
Co-Founders, Linden Global Learning
Linden Global Christina LImbird & Chineme Ugbor