CIS Vacancy | School Support & Evaluation Officer (SSEO)


seeks a

School Support & Evaluation Officer (SSEO)

Based in Asia*

effective January 2021 (or as soon as feasible but not later than August 2021)

The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a non-profit membership organization providing services to schools and higher education institutions globally that share a commitment to high-quality education, and a desire to provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue their lives as global citizens.

CIS supports member schools to improve continuously, to access effective international educational practices, to gain recognition for accomplishments, to guide and develop educational leaders and staff, to facilitate student connections with top universities around the world, and to provide a high-quality international educational experience to globally-minded parents and students.

CIS Beliefs and Values

CIS serves a diverse learning community globally and believes it is important to embrace and incorporate diverse perspectives within its team. CIS values and fosters generative dialogue as an essential aspect of leadership, holistically establishing and refining objectives. CIS holds high standards of leadership in order to attract, retain and develop high-quality staff, as it believes that its success is dependent on the capabilities and commitment of its people.

CIS believes that compensation must be competitive within the markets and areas in which it operates, based upon individual performance, and fairly measured against well-defined objectives. CIS will promote from within, whenever possible and practical, and will delegate responsibility to build a strong organisation.

CIS School Support & Evaluation Service

Within our membership are schools that have achieved a mark of quality and rigour: CIS International Accreditation. This recognition signifies that the school has completed a comprehensive self-study and international peer evaluation process, focusing on Essential Questions, Standards, and Improvement Rubrics that promote the development of students’ knowledge, skills, attributes and actions aligned with the CIS definition of Global Citizenship. The international accreditation protocol’s focus on continuous improvement related to the 4 Drivers of the International Accreditation Protocol—agreeing and setting a clear Purpose & Direction; Student Safeguarding and Well-being as a foundation for learning; the quality of Learning; and the development of skills leading to Global Citizenship capabilities in students—has led to a growing demand from schools to pursue this credential.

School Support and Evaluation Officers (SSEOs)—experienced international education leaders—oversee all aspects of school evaluation, support and improvement globally, including services designed to help international schools strengthen aspects of school life.

The School Support & Evaluation (SSE) team includes a Director, Associate Directors, educational leaders and staff based at the CIS office in Leiden, The Netherlands, and regionally around the world. 


The School Support & Evaluation Officer (SSEO) will work closely with and be guided by the Director and Associate Directors of School Support & Evaluation Services who lead the CIS International Accreditation process.

According to the policies and procedures for school evaluation and accreditation, and working in collaboration with the CIS global team of experienced international leaders and staff, the SSEO will:

  • Take responsibility for all school support and evaluation matters pertaining to the assigned schools, including:
    • pre-evaluation liaison and communication with schools considering CIS services;
    • conducting on-site/virtual evaluative membership and accreditation visits to, and writing reports on, schools as assigned;
    • assisting with the construction of Evaluation Teams;
    • analysing and summarising school self-studies and accreditation reports;
    • drafting report summaries and proposed accreditation decisions for action by the Director and, after due process, by the Board of Trustees;
    • conducting on-site/virtual school accreditation workshops;
    • qeveloping and maintaining proactive communications with assigned schools; 
    • informing and advising schools of the full range of services available to them as part of CIS Membership;
    • collaborating with national/international agencies and associations to conduct joint/synchronised school evaluations; and
    • ensuring that the Director and Associate Directors are informed of major issues that may arise in the respective schools and in their regulatory environments.
  • Contribute to face-to-face/virtual training of CIS volunteer Evaluation Team Chairs and Co-Chairs.
  • Contribute to the creation and execution of the CIS strategic plan and meet the objectives of the resulting plan for the School Support & Evaluation Service.
  • Become, and remain, well-informed about all aspects of CIS services and the CIS International Accreditation Evaluation Framework and Protocol, specifically the core drivers for school improvement: agreeing and setting a clear Purpose & Direction; Student Safeguarding and Well-being as a foundation for learning; the quality of Learning; and the development of skills leading to Global Citizenship capabilities in students.
  • With the continuous improvement of the service in mind, advise the Director on revisions to the process, and collaborate with Peer Evaluators and Report Readers to enhance the quality of service CIS provides.
  • Be actively involved in the further development of CIS services.
  • Attend and represent CIS at selected conferences and conduct workshops as necessary.
  • Attend CIS organisational and departmental meetings twice annually at the CIS Office in the Netherlands and participate in ongoing virtual team meetings
  • Assist other SSEOs as required.


With this appointment, CIS is looking to increase the cultural diversity represented within the School Support & Evaluation team.

* For this position, we are seeking an individual to support schools in a range of Asian locations, either the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, or East and Southeast Asia. The selected candidate must be legally eligible to live and work as an independent contractor within this region and with convenient access to an international airport.

The ideal candidate is willing to make a mid- to long-term commitment to this role.


  • Master’s degree including a specialised credential in Education.
  • Broad educational experience, including experience at one or more international schools and at least ten years’ experience in school leadership.
  • School improvement experience, in an advisory/evaluative capacity, preferably beyond a single school.
  • Good knowledge of, and experience with, the CIS International Accreditation process (or a similar process).
  • Knowledge and understanding of international school environments and networks.
  • Knowledge of educational concepts, framework and systems; well-developed understanding of and exposure to education systems and programmes around the world.
  • Good understanding of professional development and an ability to support the professional development of peer evaluators integral to the School Support & Evaluation Service.

Skills/Key competencies

  • Demonstrated service orientation to support diverse clients; embodies “servant leadership” philosophy.
  • Professionalism and discretion.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Excellent listening skills.
  • Ability to manage personnel issues in a sensitive manner.
  • Advanced proficiency in technology; interest in learning new technologies.
  • Proactive attitude; takes initiative and engages in innovative practices.
  • Strong collaborative work ethic; self-motivated.
  • Embodies core principles of competency, reliability and integrity.
  • Outstanding organisational and management skills, with proven ability to manage multiple projects successfully.
  • Flexibility to work when/where needed to meet objectives.
  • Open and committed to personal, professional development of self and of others.
  • Ability to recognise and navigate cultural issues in a sensitive manner.
  • An excellent command of a major modern language in addition to English would be an additional advantage.

Compensation and duration of engagement

Compensation will be commensurate with the qualifications and experience required for the position. The successful applicant will be engaged as a full-time consultant, exclusive to CIS, with an agreed-upon annual compensation package which will be paid on a fee basis. They will be initially engaged on a one-year contract, subject to renewal.

Particulars of the search

Starting date: January 2021 (or as soon as feasible but not later than August 2021)

Deadline for receipt of applications: 25 October 2020

Applications and enquiries should be directed to Human Resources via email:

Application and interview process
  • Applicants should submit a motivation letter, in English, describing their fit and interest in the position along with an up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV) outlining their education and employment background.
  • The names and contact details (business email address and telephone number) of three (3) professional and supervisory referees, including one from the applicant’s current or most recent employer, should be provided. The referees should be direct supervisors who have evaluated the applicant’s performance. CIS reserves the right to contact referees of the finalist candidates for confidential statements. CIS also reserves the right to identify an additional referee from the list of previous employers listed in the finalist candidates’ CV to obtain an additional opinion, if necessary.
  • CIS ensures equal employment opportunity without discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender expression, age, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation. CIS does not knowingly collect or store this information as part of its employment practices and makes selection decisions based solely on qualifications, merit, and business needs at the time. Applicants are discouraged from including such information in their job application.
  • During the selection process, short-listed candidates will be asked to provide information about and proof of national origin and residence status.
  • Short-listed candidates will also be asked to complete a written assignment responding to a set of guiding questions.
  • Short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview with the individual who would be their immediate supervisor/line-manager and possibly other colleagues. The interview may be virtual or in-person. Should candidates who are not based in the Netherlands be invited for an in-person interview, CIS will cover the expenses for their travel and lodging.
  • CIS will collect and store applicants’ submitted documentation in Microsoft Office 365, will process the data for recruitment purposes only, and will not share it with anyone else. For unsuccessful applicants, the data will be kept until the position is filled, at which time CIS will either delete applicant data or, at their request or with their consent, retain it for possible future roles. For successful candidates, the data will be maintained in their personnel file. 
  • CIS strives to create a safe organisational culture and to safeguard the young people with whom we may come into contact through our work. Once the finalist candidate accepts a job offer for this position, CIS will guide the candidate through a process of background screening which will include criminal record checks and checks of some education qualifications. An employment agreement signed in advance of the completion of the background screening will be contingent upon the candidate’s eventual clearance as verified through receipt of the completed screening report. The background screening report will be retained for a period of six months, after which time CIS will take a record of the checks carried out but will delete the report.