Global citizenship and intercultural learning: Moving from talk to action
Take part in an interactive simulation and experience first-hand the impact of cultural differences on your own reactions, emotions, and strategies when working with intercultural teams.

And that’s just during the opening plenary of the 2020 CIS Symposia on Intercultural Learning. Will we see you there?

We are actively committed to developing global citizenship in education and look forward to hosting two Symposia on Intercultural Learning in January and February 2020:

Registration closes on 15 January.

Take a look at the sessions and agenda

Global citizenship is an often-used term, but it means different things to different people. It is our goal, via the 2020 Symposia on Intercultural Learning, to move beyond the surface-level concept that we are global citizens just because we live in a country that is different than where we were born, allowing us to understand what it really means to actively pursue global citizenship.

During two days of workshops, you’ll talk about the latest research, and hear case studies and proven techniques from school leaders who have put this research into practice. 

You will learn tips and tools for making intercultural learning an integral part of the curriculum as well as guidance on how to lead the way on this important journey.

We hope you will join us.

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