Governing for our future: Broadening perspective on the CIS Board of Trustees

New appointments to the Board of Trustees were announced to the CIS Community at the Annual General Meeting on 3 May 2021. The appointees expand the cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity of our Board of Trustees.

Announcing our new CIS Board members

We are delighted to welcome two leaders joining the CIS Board effective 1 August 2021.


 Moses Oriko, Academic Principal of Ulink College of Suzhou Industrial Park in Suzhou, China

I have been humbled by the appointment to serve in the CIS Board of trustees, and I am grateful to the Board for entrusting me with this noble responsibility. The amazing work that CIS is doing around the world in shaping the future of international education is my greatest inspiration and the pillar of my motivation to serve CIS as a trustee. I am excited to be part of the CIS team and to be involved in CIS activities and programmes which are aimed at making the world a better place for both the current and future generations by promoting global citizenship, inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism.


 Robert Tomalin, Director of Colegio Gran Bretaña in Bogotá, Colombia

Being appointed to the CIS Board of Trustees is a huge honour for me.  Representing my school, Colegio Gran Bretaña, Colombia, but also my region here in Latin America, while giving back to and learning from CIS is a wonderful opportunity and responsibility. This is an exciting and challenging time to work in partnership with the rest of the CIS team across the globe!  With so much constant change in how we must react and respond to the pandemic on a day to day basis, while trying to anticipate what this means for learning and teaching in the short, mid and long term are components that will make this appointment especially rewarding for me.  The wealth of experience on the Board is phenomenal and I am humbled that I have been entrusted to bring my grain of sand to the table. I will do my best to serve the CIS Community of schools and higher education institutions, doing my part to connect ideas, cultures and educators from every corner of the world while continuing to learn and grow in my role. Thank you for your trust.

Thank you to the 32 school and university leaders who expressed interest in serving on the CIS Board. All applicants are exceptional leaders, and we are fortunate to have such a strong community wanting to serve our 1,360 members.  

Appreciation for service and leadership—Departing Board members

Lorna Prado Scott and Anne Fowles will be departing the CIS Board. Lorna is completing her 2nd term, having served as a Board member since 2015 and leading our Board as Chair since 2017. 

I’d like to thank Lorna Prado Scott for her leadership as Board Chair and all our Board members for their constant availability during a time when they also faced significant challenges in the institutions they each lead. When the pandemic hit, the Board began meeting monthly to ensure that we were caring appropriately for our members and our team. Immediately, they worked with us to evaluate our financial situation, to protect the jobs of the CIS global team, and to ensure the continuity of services to members. We couldn’t have done it without their time and accessibility. I am so grateful for their courageous leadership in a time of change.

—Jane Larsson, Executive Director, CIS

These six years as a member and chair of the Board of CIS, has been a dynamic, continuous and reflective journey of learning. Discovering and engaging with new challenges, travelling through unknown roads with energy and enthusiasm always accompanied by brilliant collaborative minds. This has meant my growth as a professional but most of all as a human being. These years have given me the gift of expanding my horizons by discovering new shapes and colours in this world that we are working towards shaping the future of education.

—Lorna Prado Scott, Chair of the CIS Board

Board Member Anne Fowles completes four years of service to the CIS membership community since her election in 2017 and re-election in 2020. Anne will be leaving her position as Head of IGB International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at the end of July. Consequently, as CIS Board members must hold a role in a CIS member institution to be eligible to serve on our Board, Anne’s departure from IGB means she also departs the CIS Board. She shared that:

being a member of the CIS Board of Trustees has been a true honour. The Board has kept true to its mission during these times of transition. It has made wise decisions that have set the direction for international education and accreditation for some years to come. I have no doubt that the Board will continue to do so into the future.

CIS Annual General Meeting 2021 (AGM)

Did you miss our AGM on 3 May 2021? Our members can watch the recording in the CIS Community portal to hear from our Board of Trustees, CIS Executive Director, and members of the CIS Leadership Team as we reflected on the past year, shared our vision for the future, and responded to member questions.