New Affiliated Consultant | Aaron Moniz
New Affiliated Consultant | Aaron Moniz

Who are Affiliated Consultants?

CIS affiliated consultants are individuals who are part of a global network of schools, higher education institutions, educators and organizations in 121 countries dedicated to quality international education. Affiliated consultants provide CIS member schools, including their students and families with dedicated expertise and through this unique opportunity CIS refers affiliated consultants to CIS member schools and their students and families.

New Consultant:


Area of expertise provided as part of the CIS Affiliated Consultant Network:

Curriculum Design and Delivery
Strategic Planning


Aaron Moniz is one of the Co-Founders and Co-Directors of Inspire Citizens. Aaron helps schools around the world to develop whole school implementation programs for service learning and education for sustainable development as a means of developing global citizens.  Aaron uses the Inspire Citizens’ Global Impact Schools Self Study to conduct strategic visioning and goal setting to articulate best practice professional learning approaches and personalize them to the unique context of each school.  Aaron also uses the Inspire Citizens Empathy to Impact Approach to enhance curriculum at any grade level or subject area, and he helps schools to design K-12 scope and sequences, scaffolding the development of service learning and active global citizenship. Alongside the Inspire Citizens team members, Aaron also helps to develop student leadership programs, and facilitates the Inspire Citizens Global Citizenship Certificate; an online professional development program for global educators.  Aaron believes that schools can become centers for community impact and strives to help schools see the large-scale impact that they can have by slightly optimizing their existing systems and centering on sustainable change.

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New Affiliated Consultant | Aaron Moniz