New Affiliated Consultant | April Remfrey

Who are Affiliated Consultants?

CIS affiliated consultant members are individuals who are part of a global network of schools, higher education institutions, educators and organizations in 122 countries dedicated to quality international education. Affiliated consultants provide CIS member schools, including their students and families with dedicated expertise and through this unique membership opportunity. CIS refers affiliated consultants to CIS member schools and their students and families.

New Consultant:


Area of expertise provided as part of the CIS Affiliated Consultant Network:

Diversity, equity & inclusion
Learning Support


April Remfrey (she/her), is the CEO of Remfrey Educational Consulting and the COO of Steps Community.

At Remfrey Educational Consulting, April focuses her time providing professional development for international schools and supporting families with neurodivergent and disabled children. April’s writing can be seen in numerous international school magazines, and she is a frequent guest on notable podcasts. She has also created an ILP/RTI progress monitoring cloud-based program for international school learning support departments.

For Steps Community, April and the team support international schools in their quest to create learning environments for all students. This entails a school-wide disability inclusive accreditation, a toolkit for schools who are ready to set up a school-to-work program, and an accredited inclusion learning experience for students and teachers.


April has a BA in special education and elementary education from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, USA and received a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA in Exceptional Education. She has been a teacher since 1998 in three countries and has experience in the public, private, and international school environments. 

April serves on the International and European boards of directors for SENIA: Special Education Network and Inclusion Association, is recognized as an influencer for SPAN: Safe Passages Across Networks, and mentors families with neurodiverse children in Switzerland.


Disability Inclusive Accreditation

  • Application process to identify the current status of inclusive practices.
  • Introduction to the 7 domains of inclusive practices and training on the accreditation process.
  • Self-evaluation process conducted by the school’s internal appraisal team.
  • Two onsite visits will be carried out with one near the beginning of the cycle and another towards the end.
  • Direct feedback and assistance in creating a sound growth plan and a final visit to verify evidence of growth.

School-to-Work Toolkit for International School Learning Support Programs

  • Self Evaluation & Action Plan to explore your organisation’s readiness and plan for the future
  • The inclusive employment model created and perfected by the Steps team since 2016
  • Models and diagrams to help your organisation set up the physical space needed to keep sensory and communication needs in mind
  • How to build, generate leads, and vet potential employment partners in the community
  • Training for job coaches and partners in the work readiness and work placement settings   

Inclusion Learning Experience for Students & Teachers

  • Asynchronous and synchronous online learning experiences
  • The creation of a lesson plan/activity to share directly with Steps trainees 
  • An on-site experience at Steps to observe and further their knowledge
  • Lead a culminating activity with Steps trainees 
  • Certificate of completion from an accredited body

Professional Development

  • Co-teaching
  • Transitions
  • Differentiation Best Practices
  • Teacher Assistant Professional Development
  • Managing Teaching Assistants
  • Classroom Management


“April’s sessions are well thought out with a clear vision and expected outcome for each session. She provides the right balance between consultancy and inviting participants to identify their own solutions.”

“April meets her workshop participants in a calm and friendly manner and demonstrates a great ability to listen, be flexible and open-minded, thus embracing the input, ideas and different needs of the group."

“We have worked with April on several consultancy projects and we find her experience, insights, and fresh ideas critical to our projects. She provides a space for innovative, transparent, and meaningful work to occur whilst building up the teams she’s supporting to deliver nothing short of excellence."


Please get in touch to discuss your school’s needs and how April may be of assistance. An introduction call is available free of charge.


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