New Affiliated Consultant | Emily Meadows

Who are Affiliated Consultants?

CIS affiliated consultant members are individuals who are part of a global network of schools, higher education institutions, educators and organizations in 122 countries dedicated to quality international education. Affiliated consultants provide CIS member schools, including their students and families with dedicated expertise and through this unique membership opportunity. CIS refers affiliated consultants to CIS member schools and their students and families.

New Consultant:

Emily Meadows

Area of expertise provided as part of the CIS Affiliated Consultant Network:

Diversity, equity & inclusion
Student well-being: protection, safety & security


LGBTQ+ Consultant 



Emily Meadows (she/her) is an LGBTQ+ consultant and published author specializing in international schools. Emily creates an environment that is non-judgmental and engaging for her clients, while taking an intersectional approach that addresses both the why and the how of inclusion so that educators become confident and competent in supporting LGBTQ+ students. Emily supports educators to develop culturally-relevant, research-backed systems and skills to effectively and safely address gender equity and include LGBTQ+ students in international schools. Emily’s work is part of ensuring a comprehensive child protection protocol.


In addition to her doctoral degree, Emily holds master’s degrees in both Sexual Health and Counseling, and has worked as an international school counselor for over a decade. She researches, publishes, and trains school communities on equitable policy and practice, while also teaching for the LGBT Health Policy & Practice graduate program at George Washington University.

Emily has developed inclusion standards, referenda, and trainings for professional organizations such as the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), The Fulbright Commission, the Association for International Educators and Leaders of Color (AIELOC), the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE) and the American Psychological Association (APA). Having spent most of her life in international schools, including as a student, Emily specializes in culturally-relevant solutions to promote equity and inclusion worldwide.

Please click here for Emily’s extended CV.


Emily offers tailored full-day and multi-day onsite training sessions for international schools and related organizations, such as accrediting agencies. She also offers remote training and consultation sessions, as well as speaking engagements. Emily works with school leadership, students, counselors, athletics departments, faculty, staff, families, and all those who serve international schools. Some of Emily’s most popular services are: 

  • LGBTQ+ training sessions and workshops
  • LGBTQ+ professional consultation
  • LGBTQ+ policy review and design
  • LGBTQ+ keynote speaking
  • LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum development


"This was the most relevant, useful, and informative (both professionally and personally) PD I have attended in years."

"Today was truly inspirational. What made the content so useful was everything was embedded in research."

"Emily has a huge amount of knowledge on this subject and was able to deliver it in a very effective way. She got us all to consider this issue from a new perspective, without ever being forceful, or critical of different views."


Emily is always happy to meet for a no-strings-attached virtual coffee to discuss the specific requirements and goals of your context.

To find out how to collaborate with Emily to build inclusion, safety, and equity at your school, just send an email to:

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