New Affiliated Consultant | Steve Sostak
New Affiliated Consultant | Steve Sostak

Who are Affiliated Consultants?

CIS affiliated consultants are individuals who are part of a global network of schools, higher education institutions, educators and organizations in 121 countries dedicated to quality international education. Affiliated consultants provide CIS member schools, including their students and families with dedicated expertise and through this unique opportunity CIS refers affiliated consultants to CIS member schools and their students and families.

New Consultant:
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Area of expertise provided as part of the CIS Affiliated Consultant Network:

Curriculum Design and Delivery
Strategic Planning


Following 15 years teaching elementary and middle school in Chicago, Lima, Kuala Lumpur, and Beijing, Steve Sostak co-founded Inspire Citizens in order to enable schools, educators, and students to co-create and deliver transformative learning experiences that develop the ability to think and act more holistically in the complex systems we are a part of. Known internationally for his work with Empathy to Impact -- a heart, head, and hands approach to teaching and learning – he empowers educators and students in engaging in school and life with greater compassion, connection, understanding, and action in shaping healthier relationships with oneself, society, and the planet.

As the lead writer and designer of the Inspire Citizens’ Global Citizenship CertificateGlobal Impact School Self-StudyEco-Media literacy approach to learning, and Future Now: Student Changemakers programs, he works around the world, collaborating on strategic initiatives, professional learning, and student events to reimagine environments and experiences for what Inspire Citizens calls: Holistic Global Citizenship.

Steve partners with schools and organizations to work with administrators, educators, students, and parents in exploring and acting upon the role of holistic global citizenship and sustainable development as essential throughlines in future-focused learning environments to both face and shape a future that is rapidly unfolding. Through reigniting the power of imagination and co-creation, Steve helps school communities to articulate shared aspirations, contemplate implications, build capacity, and implement innovations in practical ways that promote greater mindfulness, creativity, and agency in making learning real, relevant, and impactful.

In alignment with the United Nations, Steve and Inspire Citizens are dedicated to: health and well-being, human rights, gender equality, deep ecology, regenerative economics, cultures of peace and non-violence, and the appreciation of cultural diversity and interdependence in sustainable development and a world in transition. Over 100 vignettes and podcasts capturing the work of Steve and Inspire Citizens, alongside the voices of students and educators, can be found at

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New Affiliated Consultant | Steve Sostak