New Supporting Member | Language Testing International, exclusive licensee of ACTFL
New Supporting Member | Language Testing International, exclusive licensee of ACTFL

CIS supporting members are educational organizations whose purposes and objectives are aligned with our own and whose services complement those we provide to our higher education and school members. We work cooperatively with these organizations to further our respective missions in the international education community through purposeful collaboration, mutual support, and the exchange of information.

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Language Testing International, exclusive licensee of ACTFL

The mission of Language Testing International (LTI) is to help people around the world successfully achieve their communication goals by delivering valid and research-based language assessments and global collaboration courses.  

Language Assessments

Language Testing International (LTI) is the exclusive licensee of ACTFL, a leader in proficiency-based language teaching and learning. LTI administers official, certified ACTFL language proficiency assessments in over 120 languages to language learners in grades 3-12, Higher Education, government, and commercial industries.

ACTFL provides “vision leadership, and support for quality teaching and learning of languages” (, and LTI provides language assessments in all skills and communicative modes. LTI delivers reliable and valid assessment in more than 120 languages across over 60 countries. ACTFL takes care to ensure assessments are externally validated and backed by extensive research, effectively measuring learners' language proficiency and communication skills. ACTFL assessments maintain stringent levels of rigor and reliability required to ensure a valid and true measure of one’s ability to speak, read, write, and listen effectively in a language. They are widely used and referenced in academic, government, and commercial contexts worldwide.

Global Collaboration

LTI also delivers virtual global collaboration courses for learners ages 4-18 on our safe and secure platform called Level Up Village (LUV). LUV’s mission is to globalize the classroom by facilitating cultural collaboration between students from around the world. Guided by our carefully curated content, students build communication skills and collaborate with their global peers to explore topics in Arts & Sciences or Languages & Cultures through hands-on projects and video-based discussions. Designed to be inclusive and provide equitable access to global exchanges, this program helps students enhance their understanding of other cultures, strengthen their intercultural communication skills, and gain empathy.

Language Testing International offers monthly webinars, newsletters, and current blog posts to educate and inspire education professionals from administrators to instructors.

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  • Upcoming Back-to-School Webinar: This webinar will focus on updates to the ACTFL Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages (AAPPL). Special guests from LTI’s Assessment Product team will be the featured panelists. This webinar is targeted toward world language educators for primary and secondary education interested in learning about proficiency assessment. Join us 12 September, 16:00 Eastern TimeRegister for the webinar.
Key Contacts
  • Tiziana Aime, CEO
  • Gosia Jaros-White, Director of Sales & Marketing
  • Jennifer Dobberfuhl Quinlan, Learning and Proficiency Specialist
  • Mark Dulsky, Director of Operations






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New Supporting Member | Language Testing International, exclusive licensee of ACTFL