New Supporting Member | Mētō
New Supporting Member | Mētō

CIS supporting members are educational organizations whose purposes and objectives are aligned with our own and whose services complement those we provide to our higher education and school members. We work cooperatively with these organizations to further our respective missions in the international education community through purposeful collaboration, mutual support, and the exchange of information.


Founded in 2018, Meto is a tech-based non-profit intent on making access to a quality higher education a reality for students around the world. Currently, the burden is on students to find and apply to good-fit institutions. In some cases, students do not even know about the existence of a particular institution; this is especially pertinent to lower-income students. In other cases, students do not know the academic and financial qualifications that might make them a good fit.

Meto’s solution: Meto reverses the traditional matching process: instead of students bearing the burden of identifying good-fit institutions, we allow students to create profiles, share those profiles with universities, and allow institutions to approach students who appear to be a good fit

How Meto works:

  • Universities review student profiles and contact students encouraging them to apply.
  • Meto shares their profiles with universities around the world.
  • Students spend 10-15 minutes creating a free profile with Meto.

As a Supporting Member of the Council of International Schools, Meto seeks partnerships with high schools and universities around the world. For students and counselors, Meto builds confidence and clarity in the application process. For institutions, Meto can help build recruitment pipelines, conduct targeted outreach, and gain access to a diverse group of high school students.

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New Supporting Member | Mētō