New Supporting Member | Second Chance
New Supporting Member | Second Chance

CIS supporting members are educational organizations whose purposes and objectives are aligned with our own and whose services complement those we provide to our higher education and school members. We work cooperatively with these organizations to further our respective missions in the international education community through purposeful collaboration, mutual support, and the exchange of information.

Second Chance

Second Chance’s mission is to identify exceptional, low-income international students who are still seeking higher education opportunities late in the admission cycle, and find excellent academic homes for them to pursue their higher education with full scholarships, through a unique process that includes a cohort model, application support, counseling guidance, and mentorship.

Second Chance’s vision is that outstanding student leaders and change makers, wherever they are in the world and whatever their means, deserve access to tertiary education, economic opportunity, and social and global mobility, in order to live lives of impact and service. Great minds should be at great schools. Talent should never be left on the table.

Second Chance periodically offers information sessions and professional development regarding financial aid and scholarships, access to higher education, how to launch and implement full scholarship programs, and how to use them strategically to diversify campuses and support HALI students once they arrive on campus. Sign up to receive updates on upcoming sessions.

Second Chance has been in operation for over five years, and has a long track record of success in placing high achieving international students at institutions around the world.

  • In 2018, Second Chance galvanized a movement to find academic homes for 60 Nepali students whose scholarships had been revoked by UT Tyler. This phenomenal success story was documented in the Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Second Chance launched a movement to support Nhial Deng, a refugee from Kakuma Refugee Camp, to attend a university in Canada with a full scholarship: watch video. Nhial subsequently was the winner of the Queen’s Jubilee Award and the Chegg Global Student Award (out of over 4000 international entries).
  • Second Chance students are often “first”. Second Chance sent two HK universities their first Tanzanian students; and sent another university its first Cameroonian civil engineering student. Students launched the first African Student Union at a HK university, and yet another student became the first Nepali student body president at a university in Qatar. Second Chance sent a US liberal arts college its very first international students from Zimbabwe, Turkey, and Nepal; we sent a Canadian university its first refugee student from South Sudan.
  • Second Chance students have done exceptionally well in their studies, and have made enormous contributions to their communities and campuses. Cohorts are graduating with outstanding academic success, and their prominence and close collaboration with their institutions’ international offices have helped their institutions develop the students’ home countries as new recruitment markets.


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New Supporting Member | Second Chance