Nico Evers appointed as Director of Higher Education Services

Nico Evers will join CIS in March 2020 as Director of Higher Education Services, leading all aspects of Higher Education membership globally and its interface with schools.

Nico brings a unique combination of knowledge and experience in international education to CIS, both as a scholar and as a practitioner. He has worked at various universities and in different educational systems in Europe, North and Latin America:

  • Since 2011 and currently as, Director of the Office of International Academic Relations and Professor of Global Internships at EARTH University in Costa Rica;
  • Graduate researcher at the American Council on Education-Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement in the USA;
  • Advisor at the Forum on Education Abroad as a Member of the Standards Update Working Group;
  • Researcher at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands;
  • Senior Policy Officer for the Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO;
  • Policy Advisor/Project Manager/ Researcher in Knowledge and Innovation at NUFFIC, Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education;
  • Director of the Institute for Dutch as a Second Language, Policy Advisor for International Affairs and Manager International Study Programs / Head of Department of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands; and
  • Resident Director of the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) Study Center in the Netherlands.

Moving forward, the scope of Nico’s senior leadership role at CIS will expand beyond our historical and very specific focus on the development of networks and professional learning to facilitate international student recruitment, selection and admission at the university level. To be clear, this will remain a core aspect of our expertise and work, to guide and support young people to make informed decisions as they move from school to university. But we will do more.

Over the past year, we have begun to focus on broader aspects of university life, to explore student mental health and well-being, engaging our school and university personnel in discussion on how to strengthen this as a first step. Nico will also take on responsibility to identify opportunities and themes for purposeful school-university collaboration at a systems level, on the future of international education, preparation for work and global citizenship; building on the ideas and initiatives that emerged from this year’s Summits of University and School Leaders.

As we spoke with Nico’s colleagues during the selection process, inevitably they referred to how he works with others, the quality of his professional and personal relationships. A former supervisor at NUFFIC, described him this way.

I always said he would be the ideal ambassador. He would be excellent in recruiting new member universities and creating networks that would serve to create links with primary, secondary and higher education institutes. He is a friendly and approachable leader…eminently suited for program and project management, leading teams of international composition, including [people] from different nationalities and cultures.

During the selection process, Nico described how his experiences prepared him for this role at CIS:

I am passionate about international education. I have always felt privileged to be able to contribute to the academic development and personal growth of young people who are eager to challenge themselves and create positive changes in the world.

I believe it is important to capitalize on students’ leadership, passions and interests by offering them a mix of freedom and responsibility to direct their learning and help them gain the skills, capacities and desire to cooperate with others, resolve problems and contribute to sustainable development, both locally and globally.

I have been involved with or responsible for recruitment and admissions of international students at different organizations, establishing contacts for international mobility and exchange, organizing tours and facilitating the entire student recruitment process.

For many years while working for the University of Amsterdam, CIEE and at EARTH, I have been creating collaboration with partner universities in order to attract international study abroad students and facilitate academic collaboration in education and research. Both as a CIEE Resident Director and as EARTH´s international office director, I participated in study abroad fairs at universities to speak directly with students and support them in their search for education abroad opportunities. As a faculty member, I participate in EARTH´s student selection process.

I am very much looking forward to working at CIS with internationally-minded people in an area where my heart lies and where I will fully use my experience, share and give back what I have learned in the course of 25 years in international education. I hope to be able to support colleagues at schools and universities worldwide in their efforts to guide their students to become responsible global citizens.

Nico continues to contribute to the development of international education as an advisor, peer reviewer, trainer, lecturer and presenter. He is Dutch, fluent in English and Spanish. He will return to the Netherlands with his family as he joins the CIS Team at our office in Leiden.

We lead a diverse learning community across 116 countries, guiding and supporting educational leaders in schools and universities as they educate children and young people to make informed choices and find their places as part of a highly-mobile international community. We believe an essential aspect of our leadership is to embrace and incorporate diverse perspectives. Nico’s appointment strengthens our ability to fulfil this promise.