Registration alert | Bridging the gap between schools & universities
Registration alert | Bridging the gap between schools & universities
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Post-secondary transitions & international student recruitment, success, & well-being

13 November 2024
International School of Basel, Switzerland

Join this interactive workshop to strengthen students' secondary-to-higher education experience by fostering a deeper understanding and cross-sector collaboration between international school counsellors, university admissions representatives, and student services professionals. Experts will guide your learning so that, at whichever point you interact with students on this secondary-school-to-university pathway, you'll have the practical skills, strategies and knowledge to support their diverse needs.

You'll gain valuable insights into each other's roles and expectations, enhancing your ability to support students through this significant transitional life phase and, notably, the additional opportunities and challenges that moving across culture brings.

We'll draw on the CIS Transitions Care Model—a new resource in development for CIS member institutions— to tackle a wide range of topics related to student transition across cultures, including repatriating students, third culture kids (TCK), students with additional learning needs, mental health and well-being needs, financial support, needs relating to inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism (I-DEA), and much more.

You will learn:

  • strategies and tools to develop your school's university guidance and future pathway counselling programmes to support international student transitions
  • practical skills to support unique student needs as they prepare for post-secondary pathways, including students with additional needs
  • approaches to helping students prepare for everyday challenges during their higher education transition, like building connections and community before they arrive at university and navigating the cultural transitions they will encounter
  • ways to help students leverage their digital knowledge and skills to improve their overall transition experience

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Who is this workshop for?

Schools: Guidance counsellors, future pathway advisors, career counsellors, curriculum coordinators and managers, secondary school principals and social and emotional counsellors on preparing students for post-secondary pathways, fostering successful cross-cultural transitions, well-being, and belonging.

Universities: Recruitment and admissions representatives, VPs of enrolment and admissions, directors of student services and student life, and international student advisors on supporting international student success, retention, and well-being for fully matriculating students/from recruitment and to university life.

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Registration alert | Bridging the gap between schools & universities