Remembering CIS Honorary Member Allan Wilcox

Today, we remember CIS Honorary Member Allan Wilcox who passed away on 30 August after a long illness. Allan was a tireless advocate for international education whose work strengthened the mission and vision of CIS in Australian schools and international schools throughout the world.

Allan’s personal leadership encouraged the diversification of academic programs in both Australian national schools and international schools during his career and he fostered international exchange teaching opportunities across them. He encouraged and organized peer networking among Australian national schools adopting international programs, that became the first national schools to join CIS as members. He initiated formal accreditation training for Australian educators which resulted in their joining accreditation visits around the world, further diversifying the perspective of the teams, and he was instrumental in developing the pilot project for the accreditation of both government-supported and independent schools in Australia.

Throughout his career, Allan worked closely with governmental officials in all Australian states to build a better understanding (and eventual demand) for international education. He was a significant contributor to the development of the International Baccalaureate, the IGCSE, and the International Schools Curriculum Project. He headed and managed international schools in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia and served on the IB Council of Foundation (1981-1986) and the ECIS Board of Trustees (1986-1992).

Even after his retirement, Allan continued to contribute to international education. He served as a board member of the Beijing City International School and continued to advocate for international education, sustaining his professional and personal connections for many years.

We honor his work and share our best wishes with his family who have set up this site where you can share your own memories in recognition of Allan’s significant contributions to international education. A memorial service celebrating his life will be a live streamed on Friday 4 September at 14:00 Melbourne, Australia time.