Supporting student transition through virtual international university fairs

We know these are unprecedented times for students preparing to graduate from secondary school and we are here to help by connecting students at international schools with accredited universities worldwide who are ready to discuss their queries and concerns and support their transition to university. Our virtual fairs stay true to our mission to support students as they continue to develop as global citizens.  

We are excited to offer a series virtual CIS International University Fairs, eight fairs in different regions, to help students meet with CIS member universities. 

Students attending the fairs will:

  • Live chat with admissions representatives from accredited universities worldwide to ask the questions on their minds. Our global network of universities is highly professional, friendly and collaborative. They’re also committed to providing high-quality international education and supporting their transition to university.
  • Visit virtual university booths, taking a look at their resources, and considering which ones to talk to when the Fair opens.
  • Learn about admissions, student transition to university, their future after university, mental health and well-being, and more during five live sessions. 
  • Student and school participation at this Fair is free.

Counsellors from CIS member schools can find more information in the CIS Community portal. Counsellors and students can also find information about fairs in each region and list of attending universities on our website.

Universities participating in the fairs will:

  • Connect and chat with students invited from international schools and outstanding national schools who are preparing to study abroad.
  • Prepare a virtual booth to showcase your institution and share resources with prospective students. The booth is very simple to create and will be “open” during the weeks directly before and after the fair so that students and their families can research each institution before the event, and revisit information afterwards. 
  • A high quality, professional and affordable way to promote your institution with future students.

CIS university members can find more information in the CIS Community portal.