Update from the volunteer Regional Service Committees meeting

CIS members who volunteer to serve on our Regional Service Committees play an essential role in international student outreach. They are experienced professionals from the field of university admission and student recruitment at CIS higher education member institutions worldwide. These volunteers plan and lead twelve student recruitment tours annually, each one targeting different regions of the world to expand access for students to higher education opportunities at fully-accredited universities and colleges.

St Olaf College Northfield Minnesota CIS Higher Ed Regional Committee May 2019

In May 2019, the Regional Service Committees met with our CIS team for a three-day meeting at St Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota.

They explored three key areas:

  1. New student recruitment initiatives that help us to innovate and adapt to the future of student recruitment in this ever-changing world.
  2. Our collective responsibility to build trust with the young people in our care. Our students have a multitude of higher education opportunities to consider which can be overwhelming, not to mention the intense pressure they face as they complete their exams under the scrutiny and expectations of their parents. Their transition from secondary school to university life inevitably in a new country and culture, is fraught with vulnerability. It is harmful to our work when a breach of ethics or corrupt behaviour occurs by professionals who have the important responsibility to guide students in their care. We must support them with integrity.

    As CIS members, higher education institutions commit to our Code of Ethics and Guiding Principles for Higher Education. They are held to the highest standards of behaviour, which we reinforce at each student outreach event. 
  3. Strengthening our work in child protection and student well-being, we are working towards new procedures for safeguarding policies to ensure our own staff and volunteers follow important policies to keep students safe. Katie Rigg, CIS International Advisor for Student Well-being, asked for committee input and feedback on our plans. The step highlights the unfortunate reality that some people are drawn to international education for the wrong reasons, putting children and young people at risk. By setting a standard, we intend that CIS schools and universities will carefully develop and/or review their safeguarding policies to protect children and young people from risk.

For more information and advice on child safeguarding policies and procedures, please contact Katie Rigg. You can also register for our Student Well-being Workshop, taking place in Bilbao, Spain on 18–19 November, followed by the Global Forum. And get tips and resources from Katie’s post Student mental health and well-being: Supporting students in transition from school to university.

Thank you to all our volunteers from the three regions, pictured below:

CIS Higher Education Asia Committee in Minnesota, May 2019

CIS Higher Education Asia Committee 


CIS Committee on Europe Middle East and Africa (CEMA), Minnesota May 2019

CIS Committee on Europe Middle East and Africa (CEMA) 


CIS Latin America and Caribbean Committee in Minnesota May 2019

CIS Latin America and Caribbean Committee


Jane Larrson and Katie Rigg present on student well-being, safeguarding and child protection
Tour Director Orientation with Wren International HE Regional Committee meeting May 2019

Here are CIS Executive Director, Jane Larsson, and Katie Rigg, CIS International Advisor for Student Well-being, presenting to the Regional Service Committees on safeguarding and child protection, followed by the Tour Director Orientation session.