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How to find CIS member universities offering financial aid to international students
By Kate Taverner, Content Marketing Manager

As a new-comer to CIS, one of the many things that came as a pleasant surprise was the number of CIS member universities offering financial aid and/or scholarships to international students. It's easy to absorb a lunch break exploring the KnowledgeBase in the member-only CIS Community Portal, filtering availability of financial aid by location, or type (need-based, merit, athletic) or average net cost. 

My colleague in our Research & Development team mapped out some of the data highlights in the charts below, and CIS member schools and universities can dive into the details by visiting the KnowledgeBase. While you're there, you can also find a database of international student enrolment information and scholarships offered by CIS member universities. 

Where and how much financial aid is available globally:

Where financial aid is available in the US:



Are you at a CIS member school or university? Log in to the CIS Community Portal to visit the KnowledgeBase and find out more.