University incentives attract students from CIS schools
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The value of CIS membership has evolved over the years, and one thing that stands firm for university members is the significant value of connecting with CIS schools and their young learners.

Member universities seek young people who are open to international experiences and perspectives and attend schools committed to the high standards of CIS membership. They find these students at CIS member schools in more than 122 countries around the world.

All CIS member schools must live by the CIS Code of Ethics and meet core membership standards. If the school opts for our International Accreditation, they also complete a rigorous evaluation by CIS- and peer-evaluation teams from our global school network.


A CIS-Accredited School is one that is devoted to its mission and vision for students; invests the time and resources for validation from a globally-recognized accreditation authority; focuses on the quality of teaching, student learning, as well as student safeguarding and well-being; is committed to the development of the students’ as global citizens; and constantly seeks improvement in all areas as the school plans strategically for the future.


So, when our university members seek out students from our schools, they want to diversify their own campus with students who want to continue their development as global citizens. Consequently, some of our university members actively incentivize students from our schools with scholarships, grants and other attractive opportunities.

We recently heard about a new incentive at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada.


Mount Allison Uni


Mount Allison Uni


Incoming students from CIS member schools can now benefit from their CIS Advantage Program. We asked Kutay Ulkuer, Director of Recruitment, Admissions & Awards, and his colleague and Mount Allison alumna, Izzy Spinney, Admissions Counsellor, to tell us more.

“We launched the CIS Advantage Program in November 2018. Mount Allison is a small liberal arts university of 2,100 students. Our international exposure may not be as great as the bigger universities around the world. Still, we know we have something great to offer and want to attract more international students to our small-town university from CIS schools around the world.

“To compete, we needed to show how much we want the students as part of our Mount Allison community and that we really care. We wanted to show that we value the foundational aspects of undergraduate education and that, as a small school, we can also give great time and focus on preparing students for their career paths. We knew that students from international schools and smaller IB and AP schools really shine here. So, what more could we do to attract them?”


Mount Allison Uni

Why do they want to attract CIS students?

Izzy explained, “I just graduated from Mount Allison in May and now work as an Admissions Counsellor.  As a student, I saw that students from CIS schools fit in really well here, perhaps because Mount Allison encourages all students to be global citizens and give back to the community, and students from CIS schools usually already have a good foundation in the behaviours and competencies of global citizenship. Inclusion and support are also super important at Mount Allison, and we attract students who are comfortable being independent.”



Mount Allison Uni

What exactly is the CIS Advantage Program?

Kutay was very pleased to tell us that “We offer incoming students from CIS member schools a special award valued at C$10,000. It means that students from CIS member schools who are enrolled at Mount Allison University as full-time students and living in one of our eight unique residences will have this award applied against their residence fees over the first two years. These students can access degrees in arts, science, commerce, fine arts, and music. We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality academic experience combined with a variety of hands-on learning opportunities in a close-knit community.”

Kutay and Izzy stress that one of the main perks of a liberal arts and sciences education is that students can create the exact degree they want. There is the opportunity to specialize, but also to study broadly in a host of different subject areas.


Mount Allison Uni
Mount Allison Uni
Mount Allison Uni


Does your institution offer incentives for students from CIS member schools? Post about them in the comments section below, thanks!