We live in a world where change is the norm and some estimate that two out of three children now starting school will have jobs that don’t exist today. How do we plan ahead when we operate in school systems that were designed for the industrial revolution, not Industry 4.0? How can we most effectively help schools recruit leaders best suited to navigate the changes that are already happening and will continue to happen?

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We’re a few weeks away from heading south to our 11th CIS Australia Conference, in Melbourne from 28-30 August (final places available, go register!). It’s a regional CIS conference that brings together CIS member schools and universities from across Australia and beyond. What do they have in common? A shared commitment to international education and global citizenship.

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We all recognize that differentiation in the classroom is essential for a high-quality learning environment where all levels of ability are nurtured to thrive in an age requiring personalization of the student experience. However, differentiation in curriculum and pedagogy are also still relatively unchartered waterways for many schools and, critically, provide an opportunity for schools to offer a teaching and learning experience that is unique and authentic.

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If you work in education, the end of each term brings many things—joyful celebrations, relief, achievement, disappointment, arrivals, departures, and most of all a whole lot of change. It’s at these moments that we pause, think deeply and make decisions about the future. Some decisions are long in the making, but others suddenly become apparent. Why? Because these end of term moments bring with them the time to stop doing, breathe, and really think about what we do.

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The impact we’ve made as a volunteer taskforce has been significant, especially considering it was only five years ago that we set out to make a difference. Those of us who founded The International Taskforce on Child Protection (ITFCP) determined it was time to chart our course for the future, and so we did, and five areas of impact emerged from our discussion ...

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It's not always easy to find guidance or resources to help support students making the transition from school to university, so Katie Rigg has pulled some together, with particular focus on international students. She outlines six important approaches to consider along with resource tips and useful links for each.

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Tarek Razik’s biography on our Board of Trustees page says that he is “focused on progressive and innovation education” and he certainly seems to be living up to this in the way he approaches educator recruitment. As head of school at Jakarta Intercultural School in Indonesia, Tarek ensures that there is student representation in the interview process for new staff ...

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