Safeguarding implications for online learning

There's been a recent surge of online learning activity as schools and universities around the world look for solutions to continue their teaching, learning and student support while institutions close due to the outbreak of Covid-19/coronavirus. While this surge will help to protect the well-being of their students, these institutions now face the additional challenge of how to protect students while they learn virtually.

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Realities and solutions to promote online safety, navigate Edtech and protect data

On #SaferInternetDay (11 February) we join thousands of you in promoting the safe and responsible use of technology for young people. Where do you start when tackling such a broad and complex topic in an international school context? We called on our colleagues at Childnet International and 9ine Consultancy for information, guidance and resources.

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Out with the old, in with the new

A new year begins. And with it come our resolutions; taking on the challenges we have been avoiding, at long last solving recurring problems, reaching out to those who need our help, stepping up to take action where we know we can make a difference. What would these resolutions look like for those of us responsible for leadership in international education? 

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CIS Symposium 2020 Leiden

Global citizenship is an often-used term and means different things to different people. Setting the tone for 2020, our Symposia on Intercultural Learning will provide a stage for a diverse group of international educators to present their latest research and techniques from their own cultural perspectives and contexts across the globe.

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Student Well-being Workshop Panel Discussion

I’d heard first-hand from colleagues and members of our community about the profound and perhaps confronting experience of attending a CIS Child Protection Workshop. Harsh realities are brought into sharp focus and participants leave with an urgency to take positive action. 

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Data protection

Data protection found its way onto my list of responsibilities, and it got there unexpectedly. Like many leaders, I began to pay closer attention in 2018 when a new law, the European General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR as it is commonly known, was about to be  implemented. Initially, I wondered, just how much time are we going to have to devote to this?

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