2019 CIS Higher Education Awards!
2019 CIS Higher Education Awards!
2019 CIS Higher Education Awards!

One of the highlights of our CIS Global Forum is the celebration of the outstanding work across our community of universities and schools via three awards. It gives us great pleasure to recognise the following individuals for their exemplary service in the international admission and guidance community

Enjoy reading all the great reasons why these individuals have been recognised in this way:


CIS Future Leader Award 2019

Congratulations to Salisha Randel of Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada



This year’s award recipient, Salisha Randel, has long demonstrated a deep understanding of the importance of international education and has been a strong advocate for the power of a globalized community. One nominator described her as tireless in her “commitment to supporting international student success and facilitating and modelling intercultural attitudes, behaviours, and skillsets.”

Several people highlighted her bottomless energy, enthusiasm, dedication, and warm engaging personality. Colleagues note that “international students are consistently engaged by her passion, professionalism, knowledge, and integrity. Guidance counsellors describe her as highly affable, responsive, and trustworthy. Students and parents who have worked with her often praise her as the very reason for which they've chosen to study abroad.”

Salisha has earned an impressive reputation institutionally, regionally, nationally and internationally as a trusted resource and thought leader in international recruitment and admissions. She shares her knowledge through presentations at international conferences, contributions to blog posts, and participation in roundtable discussions. She actively consults literary research and seeks out academic experts to provide credibility to her presentations and to ensure that she is an effective advocate for international students.

One nominee noted that this year’s award recipient “is the kind of person who gives selflessly of herself.” She has sought out opportunities to volunteer with professional organizations, including CIS, and has served as a mentor to new international admissions and guidance professionals. She has also helped to lead university peers on student recruitment tours. Her selflessness extends outside of her work at the university, and she spends much of her personal time providing counselling for local youth in crisis as a trained volunteer responder.

Her unmatched energy and spirit and unwavering commitment to supporting the development of global citizens have benefitted internationally-minded students, colleagues, and the enrollment services profession as a whole. She has been described as “principled, informed, inclusive, and impactful.” She has humbly served as a primary support for hundreds of international students applying to her university and has earned the respect of students, families, and colleagues through the tireless effort and collaborative spirit that extends through all aspects of her work. In the words of another nominator “I am constantly inspired by her tenacity, stamina and enthusiasm—she motivates everyone around her, including me, to want to do better work.”



CIS T. Michael Maybury Award 2019

Congratulations to Dan Seneker of Bishop’s University, Lennoxville, Canada



This year’s award recipient, Dan Seneker, has been called “an ambassador for education, one that believes in the potential of each individual student regardless of status or background.” One nominee said Dan “embodies the attributes of someone who understands the importance of internationalism, as well as connecting students from across cultures regardless of whether they are coming from halfway around the world, or simply from local indigenous communities.”

Several students spoke highly of the role Dan has played in their educational journeys. One student noted “not only did he help me and many other students with the process of our applications and study permits, but he has also been there to make sure that we’re ok, checking in regularly. Especially as an international student adapting to a new country and culture, it means the world to know someone is there. You can clearly see that he genuinely loves his job of inspiring students to achieve greater educational and personal growth.”

This sentiment has been echoed by school counsellors and university peers around the world. One counsellor noted that “he always has time for individual students. He seems to grasp the reality that young people are sometimes at a crossroad when they are applying to and then deciding on which institution to enrol—he always has time to help walk the student through the decision-making process. What is even more impressive is that once a student has matriculated to his institution, he goes out of his way to personally connect with them and be available for further guidance, even though this really does not fall under his mandate. He approaches his work from the human side first, and then the data and statistics side second.” Dan’s no-frills approach to recruitment is in line with his genuine concern to match students with universities that fit them best, even if that means promoting other institutions.

Having a career that spans across several institutions in Canada, Dan has been instrumental in improving the university admission culture in the country. He has raised the bar when it comes to enrollment, ensuring the requisite supports are in place for students applying and after they matriculate. He has implemented practices that aggressively look to shift the existing paradigm towards one of far greater inclusion and acceptance of all students. He has always been a pioneer and trendsetter in pushing the needle for more transparency and authenticity in the admissions process and creating more opportunity for students, even though it costs his team time and energy.

As an innovator and a person that has demonstrated his deep commitment to putting students first and creating access and equity in the world of university admissions, Dan serves as an inspiration for others.


About the awards:

CIS Future Leaders Award—Recognises an international admissions officer or school counsellor from a CIS member institution for contributions and achievements made to international education. The award recipient demonstrates strong leadership potential among his/her peers and an unequivocal commitment to service within the international admissions and guidance communities. The recipient truly represents the future of international education which CIS strives to shape.

CIS T. Michael Maybury Award—Mike Maybury, former Executive Director of CIS, devoted a lifetime of service to the promotion of international education and global understanding. During his years at the helm of CIS, Mike served us as a dedicated leader whose tireless work on behalf of higher education was instrumental in fostering the educational programmes we now carry forward. With this award, we honour a member of the CIS higher education community whose work continues Mike’s legacy and who has also made significant contributions to international education.


Congratulations to Salisha and Dan!

2019 CIS Higher Education Awards!
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2019 CIS Higher Education Awards!
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