Get the most out of CIS survey data
Brian Bedrick, Head of Research & Development
By Brian Bedrick, CIS Head of Research and Development

Many of us have data-related responsibilities in our jobs, but are we getting the most out of our data to help us do our jobs more effectively? At CIS, members are regularly invited to complete surveys that give access to data designed to inform decisions at their schools. Here are three ways that our members can get the most out of “live” CIS surveys right now. Two of these surveys have deadlines on 31 October.  

Survey 1: Collects salary/compensation data for Teachers, University Guidance Counsellors, Principals, and Leadership Teams. 

How to use the data?—Revise salary structures, ensure you are offering sufficient benefits, attract top teaching talent, and reduce staff turnover. High level data available in September. Interactive dashboards for in-depth analysis available in December.
Survey name—Faculty & Leadership Team Compensation Survey 2019-2020
Survey closes—31 October 2019
How you access it—A unique survey link was sent by email to Heads at CIS member schools on 9 September 2019.


Survey 2: Collects salary and compensation data for Heads of School.

How to use the data?—Help your Board ensure your school is offering a competitive salary and benefits. Make an informed decision when assessing a career change, accepting a job offer, or renegotiating a contract.
Survey name—Heads Compensation Survey 2019-2020
Survey closes—31 October 2019
How you access it—A unique survey link was sent via email to all Heads at CIS member schools on 5 August 2019. CIS members can contact Alejandra Neyra for information about participation or to access reports.


Survey 3: Collects data on how each of your students prefers to interact with teachers and other students.

How to use the data?—Students can express their voice on how they prefer to interact in learning environments with teachers and other students, and learn more about themselves in the process. Teachers can adjust lesson plans to best match individuals as well as groups of students. School leaders can monitor the impact of cultural exchange programs and identify gaps or trends that can inform decisions on curriculum and professional development. Parents can better understand how to support their children at home.
Survey name—The CIS Culture & Learning Survey.
Survey closes—CIS member schools can request this survey at any time. CIS members can contact Brian Bedrick if they are interested in administering the survey in their school.


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