Our top blogs of 2022
Our top blogs of 2022


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As a new year dawns, here's a round-up of our 
most popular blogs in 2022, in case you missed them.





Unpacking well-being part one: The glittering gem 
What does well-being in education really mean? How can we give it a mandate and support it in our school communities? The purpose of Leo Thompson's post, the first in a series, is to move the well-being conversation forward and share some practical resources and stimuli. Let’s start at cloud level by looking at concepts and theory.

The CIS model for global citizenship and intercultural learning 
We're eager to share new CIS research and continua of thinking and practice to advance the understanding and application of global citizenship and intercultural learning. Learn more from Chris Green and Eeqbal Hassim and find opportunities to explore further.

Head of school salary research tells a new story 
What salary gaps exist in international education? Learn from our research and test your assumptions—how does gender and ethnicity impact the salary of school heads? Explore the data and think about how you can bring about positive changes in international education.

The well-being data wheel: Case studies from around the world 
These compelling case studies collated by Matthew Savage from schools worldwide demonstrate practical examples of how wellbeing data can be used in reality.

Recognizing and addressing identity-based harm in schools 
Explore seven key texts plus supporting evidence and resources from Alysa M Perreras and Dr Emily Meadows who look at safeguarding through an equity lens. They guide schools to build more robust protections against harm in schools and strengthen existing child safeguarding measures.

Breaking up with imposter syndrome: It’s not you, it’s not me, it’s the system
'Could I be a leader? Am I a leader? Should I even want to be a leader? Surely there are more suitable people out there.' Loretta Fernando-Smith wanted more representation. She wanted her classroom and biological children to see more people of color in the international school sector, but had always hoped that someone else would do that work.

A school staff guide for supporting students impacted by the crisis in Ukraine 
Here's Ellen Mahoney's guide for international school educators working in schools in Ukraine, Russia and other impacted communities. It's designed to help educators navigate through the coming weeks and beyond. 

Is accreditation an effective way to advance inclusion via diversity, equity and anti-racism?
As a membership organization offering school accreditation internationally, we have a significant role to play as we guide and support schools to foster inclusion across diverse communities. Hear more from Jane Larsson and Dr Sudha Govindswamy.

How to talk with kids about the climate crisis
We're seeing increasing reports of eco-emotions such as eco-anxiety. Helping children to make sense of what is happening in the world is vital. Climate psychologists, Megan Kennedy-Woodard, Melissa James and Dr Patrick Kennedy-Williams, outline six tips for how to talk with young people about it.


And in case you missed these too, the following posts published pre-2022 still resonate with our community, attracting more readers in the past year.

We'll continue to seek and publish insights into key challenges and opportunities across our community in 2023.

A very big THANK YOU to ALL our contributing authors who share their insights and expertise with us, supporting our mission to shape the future of international education.

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Our top blogs of 2022
  • Diversity (I-DEA)
  • Global citizenship
  • Intercultural learning & leadership
  • International accreditation
  • Student well-being
  • University admission & guidance
Our top blogs of 2022