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The CIS 2018 awards for Higher Education

The 2018 CIS Awards for Higher Education were presented during the CIS Global Forum on International Admission and Guidance, in Vienna.

2018 CIS Future Leader Award

The CIS Future Leader Award honours an up-and-coming international admissions officer or school counsellor who demonstrates strong leadership potential and embodies the CIS mission.

This year’s award is presented to Alex Whitcomb of Erasmus University College.

According to his colleagues, Alex has an inclusive nature and places importance on building a sense of community. He makes colleagues, counsellors, and, most importantly, students feel valued. Alex knows firsthand the challenges students from Africa and other parts of the world may face in studying abroad, and he helps to provide emotional, as well as academic support, to the international students at his university. Alex is a relentless optimist and extremely active in elevating the professional development of our community. His energy and enthusiasm for the work that he does has played a significant role in helping to put his university and, more broadly, the Netherlands on the map as a university destination.

One nominator said:

he is a natural leader of tomorrow. I very much hope that he continues to lead us all in building bridges to a brighter, better, global future.

2018 CIS T. Michael Maybury Award

The CIS T. Michael Maybury Award honours a member of the CIS university admissions community who has made significant contributions to the field university of admission and recruitment.

This year’s award is presented to John Wilkerson of Indiana University.

John is a mentor and role model to many in the profession. Through formal instructive capacities at conferences, workshops, and as a supervisor, as well more informally as a tour leader and fellow traveler, he has mentored a great number of professionals in the field of international education. While he has been a wonderful representative of his institutions, he has been an even a better representative in the value of undergraduate education and the support of student dreams and goals. There are many that have been inspired, encouraged, and enlightened by his leadership, collaboration, integrity, kindness, professionalism, and warmth. John is a lighthouse to many and a friend to even more, exemplifying the very best in our profession.

One nominator said he is:

among the most thoughtful, inventive, and influential international higher education leaders I have encountered.

2018 CIS Peggy Templeton Strong Award

The CIS Peggy Templeton Strong Award recognizes a member of the CIS guidance community who has made a significant and lasting contribution to the field of international school guidance and counselling.

This year’s award is presented to Joan Liu from the United World College of South East Asia.

Joan is the “ultimate student and counsellor advocate” and is a true champion for access, equity and inclusion. In an effort to help counsellors in areas with limited resources, she has worked to ensure proper training is available for high impact counsellors at under-resourced schools. She has personally mentored individuals around the world, in countries ranging from Bangladesh to Uzbekistan and Mongolia to Zimbabwe. Counsellors have received information on best practices, a better understanding of the intricacies of working with international students, and assistance in building their professional networks. As a result of Joan’s leadership, more counsellors have access to the tools they need to best advise students.

One nominator said:

she is one of the very few who would reach out to those in crisis and lend a helping hand. She is one who cares and motivates and inspires to fight injustice and to overcome hurdles with efficient solutions. She demonstrated passion, devotion and commitment to an unimaginable challenge that lay ahead of her and the team. She is an epitome of kindness, perseverance and selflessness.