Blog Guidelines

CIS Perspectives is a platform to engage our members in meaningful discussion about the impact of international education. Members are welcome to write blog articles. We hope that the blog provides our audience with a valuable forum to share stories, learn about new outlooks, and contribute to the dialogue about shaping the future of international education.

Do you like to write? Are you inspired to share ideas with our membership community? Read on and learn how you can participate in CIS Perspectives!

Our Audience

Our audience is passionate about international education. Our diverse membership community spans many countries and many different roles in education, including:

  • heads of school
  • educators
  • counsellors
  • university admission & recruitment representatives
  • school evaluators
  • volunteers
  • parents
  • researchers
Ideas for content
  • Share a meaningful story about your or your school’s/university’s experience.
  • Give your perspective of a current discussion in the field.
  • Describe your solution to a problem that others might benefit from.
  • Describe something you learned or a connection you made while at a CIS event.
  • Write about a topic you’re researching.
  • Challenge the community with questions for reflection.
General Guidelines
  • You must be in some way involved with CIS membership, either as a supporting member, speaker at a CIS event, or working at a member school/university.
  • Blog articles should be useful, interesting and add value to the lives of our audience. Blogs should not be purely promotional.
  • Articles must be original.
  • Any third-party content (data, quotes, images) should be properly cited—either in hyperlinked text or a ‘Further Reading and Resources’ section at the end.
  • Articles generally run 500-1,000 words and should be easy to read on the screen. Language should be easily understood by a diverse range of professionals and non-native English speakers. We do not encourage academic writing for a blog article.
  • We will make recommendations to adapt your blog for our audience, and ultimately reserve the authority to edit as we see fit.
How to submit
  • Email your ideas to the Communications Coordinator:
  • We will send back feedback and propose a timeline.
  • Send your final draft to us. We will proofread and publish online.
  • We promote our blog articles in our organizational communications (web pages, social media, email newsletters). You are welcome to share your piece as you like.
We also need
  • A short bio (around 100 words)
  • A head and shoulders photo
  • Any photographs you have that can accompany your piece. If you use someone else’s photographs, they should be attributed. If you do not have any, you can also use royalty-free stock photo. We cannot publish photographs with children’s faces visible, unless we have express permission from a guardian.