Celebrating student pathways

How do schools celebrate all post-secondary pathways in ways that protect student mental health and well-being? It can be tough to balance celebrating student achievements while also protecting their data and plans and being mindful of those students who are yet to receive application outcomes or must make tough decisions. Here are some suggestions for schools.

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Photo of the three CIS Higher Education Award Recipients 2023

Congratulations to this year's recipients! Guidance counsellors and admissions professionals at our member schools and universities make up an impressive community supporting student transition to higher education worldwide. It’s our great pleasure to recognise and celebrate their work each year through the CIS Higher Education Awards. 

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Male students arriving at university

The admission and guidance community are students' cheerleaders, coaches, editors, marketing specialists, and counselors as they help students get to university. They also aim to prepare students for life once they arrive at university. Lesson plans from Johanna Fishbein and Robbie Jefferiss help with that preparation.

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