Expand the diversity of your campus by connecting with more than 700 CIS member schools in 120 countries. As part of our shared commitment to developing global citizenship in education, CIS member universities can use our network of CIS school counsellors to connect with students who are looking for international higher education opportunities.

A variety of in-person and virtual events events present networking, regional updates, student recruitment and professional development opportunities. Feel free to contact CIS if you would like support or guidance with your annual planning.

Our adjusted 2020 strategy focuses on what we can do with a high degree of certainty, and on our collective health and safety. We won’t be hosting any in-person events this year, join us instead for virtual events. Registration for virtual events will open no later than July.

Our work continues to help you raise the visibility of your institution with students around the world while also supporting students applying to higher education institutions internationally.

Our traditional student recruitment tours will go on hiatus through to June 2021. The uncertainty of global travel as well as the policy restrictions that schools are putting in place for visitors on campus make travel from school to school and country to country difficult to plan at this time.

Students at CIS-member schools who are looking to connect with CIS universities in 2020 can ask their university guidance counsellor to add your details to the CIS University Connection Registry where universities admissions representatives around the world can access the contact details for students who are interested in international study opportunities, in particular region and programmes.

Tackling Racism Workshop Series: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in our Schools and Universities

Progress is dependent on strong foundational concepts that are grounded in being self-reflective, deliberate, and evaluative. Taking time to develop and strengthen our foundations—individually and institutionally—is essential, no matter how progressive or rudimentary we are in our thinking and actions.

We can help you do the groundwork via three new foundation workshops. They focus on implicit biases, intercultural competencies, and structures and systems. They are each 2.5 hours long, virtual, and interactive. ‘Story’ will play an integral part in your workshop experience as you learn and share your own experiences and expertise, and hear those from peers, expert practitioners, and guest speakers. You will explore ways to evaluate your practices and take positive action.

Learn more about these workshops.

Upcoming events

Tackling Racism Workshop: Establishing Structures and Systems to Tackle Racism and Promote Equity in our Schools and Universities

30 November 2020
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Tackling Racism Workshop: Establishing Structures and Systems to Tackle Racism and Promote Equity in our Schools and Universities

1 December 2020
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