University Exploration Day—Colombia

Date: 7 February 2022
Time: 14:30–16:30 Central European Time (CET)
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Location: Virtual

Meet students at international schools in Colombia during this specially curated CIS University Exploration Day

We take a unique approach to planning these CIS events so that you can cultivate new connections with students worldwide. Our close working relationships with our school member counsellors and their leaders create an opportunity for you to engage where:

  1. events are scheduled into the students' day-time academic agendas to prioritise the events for student participation 
  2. school leaders are kept informed and encourage your connections with their students to help them explore learning opportunities worldwide
  3. the events stay small to enable more targeted and meaningful discussions for students and universities alike

When working with the schools to organize these events, we are careful to ensure that the ratio of students attending supports the number of universities attending to create quality interactions, and each event won't exceed 80 universities.

Good quality [event] and conversations with students (and some parents), great questions and lots of opportunities to share link/resources in the booth. Chat function easy to use.’

—University participant at a 2021 CIS University Exploration Day

How to register

CIS member university

Registration Deadline: 6 January 2022
Fee: €480 (excluding VAT)

You can expect

Student availability: Each participating school has committed to prioritising this event for student participation.

Virtual university booth: Your virtual booth will showcase your institution to prospective students. Your booth will be available in the weeks before and after the live event so that students and families have plenty of time to research your institution and revisit information after the event.

Live student chats: Within your virtual booth, you can directly engage in live 1:1 text and video chats with students, plus group video chats and presentations. You can engage in multiple 1:1 chats simultaneously for the duration of the event.

Lead report: Students who express interest in learning more about your university will be included in a lead report available to you immediately after the event.

Data protection: The virtual fair platform and transmission of student data is GDPR compliant

True to our mission: This CIS University Exploration Day stays true to our mission to support students in their transition to higher education and continue to develop as global citizens.

You will connect with high-performing students who are:

  • committed to global citizenship
  • interested in international higher education opportunities
  • demonstrate the attributes, behaviours and skills you are seeking
  • eager to hear what your institution can offer them


Participating schools

Schools are still signing up for this event; return to this page to check for updates.

This event is organized in cooperation with Colegio Gran Bretaña and other CIS schools in Colombia. You can expect to meet students from the host school group and other schools they are working with for this event. These schools include:

  • Buckingham School
  • Colegio Anglo-Colombiano
  • Colegio Colombo Britanico
  • Colegio de Inglaterra—The English School
  • Colegio Gran Bretaña 
  • Marymount School Medellín
  • Rochester School