Student Recruitment Tour | India

17 - 28 August 2019

Spanning ten days and six cities, the CIS India Tour includes visits to a diverse group of national and international high schools that maximize institutional outreach and exposure to students within the country of India. This year’s tour will also include public events held for tour participants. The tour welcomes both veteran travellers and newcomers to the region. Recent tours have included institutions from Canada, Europe, Qatar, Switzerland, the US and UK.

The tour will begin and end in major hub cities, Delhi and Mumbai, for hassle-free connections to wherever your previous or future travels may take you. In addition to traditional high school visits and college fairs, tour participants will conduct workshops for students, parents, guidance counsellors and local constituencies on topics such as admission, financial aid and scholarships, and the transition to the university environment.

Following this tour, travellers will have the opportunity to continue on to the IC3 Conference beginning Wednesday 28 August in Mumbai—an excellent opportunity to engage with representatives from institutions all over India that we are unable to visit as a component of the tour. 

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Priority Application Deadline
6 May 2019

- Tour application has closed -