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Call for session proposals

As our world continues to shift, we want to ensure that our Forum sessions are representative of priority topics. We are therefore re-opening the call for proposals for our 2020 CIS Forum and you’ll find all the information below. We’ve included some of the benefits that the technology offers presenters too.

The landscape of international education is changing due to the Coronavirus. The need to connect schools and universities in their shared goal to support students in their transition to higher education becomes even more important through this period of uncertainty. 

We welcome stimulating proposals that create a dialogue about international admission and guidance by sharing effective practices and knowledge and by demonstrating how individuals, schools and universities are contributing to the field. 

We expect that your proposals will address a wide range of issues facing our profession, including topics that we could never have predicted before the Coronavirus emerged. 

We also ask you to use an anti-racist mindset to ensure that your content addresses systemic racial inequities in admission and guidance.

Closed for submissions

We welcome proposals on the following themes:

Five emerging themes, inspired by Forum attendee survey feedback and from the CIS school and university summits.

Country, regional, or curriculum updates
  • What are the developing trends or changes relative to the educational systems from which students are graduating and to which they are applying? How have developments with Coronavirus impacted these systems, and what does it mean for admission and guidance? How should school counsellors and/or university admission officers adapt their approaches to these trends?
Future of recruitment and counselling
  • As student behaviour is shaped by technology, climate change, Coronavirus, and various other emerging trends, how might we adapt university recruitment and/or school counselling approaches to better engage them?
Assessing educational achievement (admissions reform)
  • Admissions reform is a hot-but-not-new topic across the higher education community, and university leaders are feeling the pressure to evolve their admissions processes. New approaches which are challenging the traditional view of grading and testing are also emerging from schools, such as the “Mastery Transcript”. In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, mass assessments (national and international examinations) have had to adapt. How might we change the admissions process to fit the needs of this generation?
Working towards global citizenship and work-readiness
  • As students transition from school to university, how are we providing them with a foundation for global citizenship and intercultural competency development; and how are we equipping them with the necessary work skills to meet the rapidly changing needs of our world? How are we incorporating anti-racist diversity, equity, and inclusion principles into our admission and guidance work?

Supporting student well-being across (and beyond) education
  • Young people in international education have several significant sources of worry: uncertainty due to Coronavirus, economic prospects, debt, loneliness, relationship issues, culture shock, pressure, and perfectionism. How might we value and improve students’ well-being as they navigate university admission and transition?

Audience expectation

Please note that 70% of the audience has 6> years’ of experience in the profession, 50% have 10> years’ experience, and <10% have 0-2 years’ experience. Please ensure that your content is stimulating for an advanced level of dialogue.

Looking for topic ideas?

This Google Sheet lists a wide range of topic ideas suggested by last year’s participants. To find a co-presenter for one of the ideas listed or to add a new idea, enter your name, institution, and email address alongside the existing/new idea to connect with others interested in the same topic. Enjoy connecting, brainstorming, and collaborating with peers who are interested in presenting on similar topics.

For further inspiration, you can also reflect back on selected session titles from the 2017, 2018, 2019 Global Forums on International Admission and Guidance.

Session formats

Two possible formats of delivery suit different presentation styles:

  • Interactive panel discussion or workshop (60 mins)—Maximum 4 presenters. 60 minutes.  Interactive audience participation or panel discussion using the interactive tools offered by our virtual platform.

  • Rapid Round presentation (10 mins)—Maximum 1 presenter. 10 minutes. Maximum 15 slides. Presenter highlights a topic in a succinct manner to stimulate the curiosity of the audience. Rapid round presentations will run consecutively during the session block they have been assigned.

Submission deadline: 20 August 2020

Closed for submissions