Research & Data

Over the last four years, we’ve steadily built our capacity to collect, aggregate and analyse data. We have been working diligently to learn from all of the types of data we collect, building systems to gather it, portray it and share it in usable forms with our members.


CIS KnowledgeBase

We are in a unique position in working closely with over 710 international schools and 580 universities located in 116 countries. We share data that CIS member schools and higher education institutions can use to inform decisions and set benchmarks.

We offer a series of online data dashboards exclusively for university and school members including:

  • Regional School Data Dashboard: Learn more about and compare our CIS school members by looking at data by region. Dashboard data includes the average number of student contact days, school curricula, student enrolment ranges, student-faculty ratios, and average percent of national vs. international teaching staff.
  • International Student Financial Aid Data: Universities can benchmark against other CIS Higher Education institutions.
  • Student Mobility Map: For university admissions representatives, this resource highlights ten countries with strong potential for undergraduate international student recruitment.

CIS members should visit the CIS Community portal to learn more.

You can also read about research and data across the CIS community on the CIS Perspectives blog.