Student Recruitment

Expand the diversity of your campus as a CIS member and connect with more than 745 CIS member schools in 122 countries. As part of our shared commitment to developing global citizenship in education, use your network of CIS school counsellors to connect with students who are looking for international higher education opportunities.

We provide a wide range of opportunities for colleges and universities to conduct effective student recruitment around the world. Our experienced staff and higher education volunteers can support your recruitment efforts. Whether your institution is big or small, you will raise the global visibility of your institution in a tour, fair or regional conference!  



In 2020, the way we all work is evolving and presents new ways for us to create opportunities to support you.

Our adjusted strategy focuses on what we can do with a high degree of certainty, and on our collective health and safety. New virtual events are open for registration, and our work continues to help you raise the visibility of your institution with students around the world while also supporting students applying to higher education institutions internationally.

Eight virtual International University Fairs will connect you with globally-minded students from August to October 2020. Our virtual fairs stay true to our mission to support students as they continue to develop as global citizens.

You’ll connect with high-performing students who are:

  • committed to global citizenship

  • interested in international higher education opportunities 
  • demonstrate the attributes, behaviours and skills you are seeking
  • eager to hear what your institution can offer them

You can expect:

  • Opportunities to connect and chat with students invited from international schools and outstanding national schools who are preparing to study abroad.
  • Broader student participation via the virtual model, reaching students who are typically unable to attend in-person events.
  • A split model provides flexibility for schools and students. The fair will be operational for three hours during the day and two hours in the evening so that schools can allocate time for this event for students during the academic schedule where possible, and students can also opt to join in the evening where more convenient, and when their parents might also like to join.
  • Live presentation options and a virtual booth to showcase your institution and share resources with prospective students. The booth is very simple to create and will be “open” during the weeks directly before and after the fair so that students and their families can research each institution before the event, and revisit information afterwards. More information about applying for a presentation slot is coming soon
  • Same-day lead report sent to you immediately after the event listing students who express interest in learning more about your university.
  • A GDPR compliant platform for the secure transmission of student data.
  • A high quality, professional and affordable international student recruitment opportunity.

Find out more on the events page or click on the regions below.

New regional sessions have been added to our virtual Global Forum on International Admissions & Guidance 17–19 November.

Our traditional student recruitment tours will go on hiatus through to June 2021. The uncertainty of global travel as well as the policy restrictions that schools are putting in place for visitors on campus make travel from school to school and country to country difficult to plan at this time.

Review the full event calendar to see all in-person and virtual events.


Our many events in Europe each year connect universities with university guidance counsellors and students. You can attend one of our regionally focused tours, or build your travels in conjunction with a series of recruitment fairs. Several fairs are scheduled in the weeks preceding the Global Forum.

We have over 175 CIS member schools in Europe enrolling more than 100,000 students.


CIS has 53 member schools in Africa enrolling more than 38,000 students.

We have hosted the longest standing student recruitment tour on the continent. Our tour reaches over 2,300 students each year, from both CIS member schools and other regional schools with students interested in moving abroad for their secondary education.

We co-host a regional conference with AISA. Africa is home to some of the fastest growing nations for sending students abroad. The CIS-AISA regional institute will give universities a chance to build relationships and learn about recruitment opportunities in this dynamic region.


As you develop your student recruitment strategies in the Americas, CIS can help you build long-lasting relationships with counsellors in the region and meet students from schools that have a commitment to developing global citizens. CIS has 69 member schools in the region, enrolling more than 55,000 students.

In Latin America, we host student recruitment tours, fairs, and a regional conferencethat nurture an active and connected community of CIS members. Our tours and fairs in the region reach over 13,000 students each year, from both CIS member schools and other regional schools with students interested in moving abroad for their secondary education.

We also partner with the International Baccalaureate (IB) to host annual university fairs in the United States. Participating cities include New York City, Houston, Boston, and Atlanta.