Student Recruitment in Africa

CIS has 53 member schools in Africa enrolling more than 38,000 students.

We have hosted the longest standing student recruitment tour on the continent. Our tour reaches over 2,300 students each year, from both CIS member schools and other regional schools with students interested in moving abroad for their secondary education.

We co-host a regional conference with AISA. Africa is home to some of the fastest growing nations for sending students abroad. The CIS-AISA regional institute will give universities a chance to build relationships and learn about recruitment opportunities in this dynamic region.

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The CIS-AISA Institute in Africa met and exceeded my expectations. The quality of the sessions and speakers was outstanding. The offered excellent insight and perspective towards the growing demands for higher education opportunities in Africa. This was a terrific occasion for admissions representatives and counselors to engage in meaningful discussions on how to best serve the needs of the students, and counselors that advise them. Thank you to the entire staff for organizing an excellent event!

New York University, United States

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